Activity Capture

Give your entire revenue team the visibility they need to accelerate growth with an enhanced CRM dataset.

All of the data without any of the effort.

Know how every sales activity and activity sequence impact pipeline movement and outcomes.

You need unwavering trust in the quality and completeness of your data to be successful. Every gap in your CRM data is missing intelligence that impacts how you coach, forecast and strategize. Prioritize the capture of activity data to bring more predictability into your sales process.

Is your team engaging consistently with key accounts?

Are key deals single-threaded or missing a decision maker?

Is your Champion attending or canceling meetings?


Enrich your CRM Data

Automate the collection of activity data from every RevOps department into your CRM to ensure managers have the lead, opportunity, account and contact detail they need to coach effectively. See every meeting, email and demo — and the content of each without burdening the sales rep to input the data.


With the broadest and deepest activity capture capabilities on the market, you can be confident in the consistency and accuracy of every data point.


Improve Productivity

Sales reps and account managers spend a reported 8% of their time manually updating customer and sales info and yet the activity within the CRM is significantly under-reported. By eliminating manual activity updates, reps gain valuable time back that can be redirected towards deal progression.


For managers, confidence in data completeness and accuracy means you can actually spend 1:1s discussing deal strategy rather than searching for missing activity data or addressing data hygiene issues. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Gain Full Pipeline Visibility

Data silos are one of the biggest barriers holding revenue organizations back from realizing their potential. Activity capture provides you with one central repository of lead and customer engagement, ensuring a clear view into every journey, from open to close.


With up-to-the-minute data, you can accurately assess the health of every deal in your pipeline by comparing against activity profiles of winning deals in your business. This enables you to take a more strategic approach to deals—where to invest time, how to get dying deals back on track, and which deals your reps should abandon.

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