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Introducing Our Sales Forecast Calculator
Does your forecast process have room for improvement? Unsure where to start? Sales Forecasting informs every layer of your business, from individual revenue goals to the implementation team's staffing strategy to product expansion. Confident in your forecast for growth? You can move fast when it comes to hiring and roadmap innovation. Unsure, decisions get much trickier. According to the 2021 State of Sales Forecasting Report: 68% of participants missed their forecast by more than 10% 9 out of 10 reported missing their predicted forecast by 6% or more Only 52% acknowledged even measuring forecast accuracy Suffice to say, there's significant...
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sales dashboard examples and templates
7 Sales Dashboard Examples and Templates
Looking for Sales Dashboard examples and templates? You're not alone. Everyone wants to be data-driven. But too many people take the wrong approach when it comes to analytics – they lack focus and intent. They report reactively, as opposed to monitoring the data in real-time, even better, predicting, so they can coach and optimize. Why Use Sales Dashboards? Sales teams move fast. And their progression towards goals impacts almost every area of the business. From marketing to implementation, product to finance. On a daily basis, revenue leaders have critical questions they must answer — and the answers must be rooted...
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5 Sales Forecasting Stats You Can’t Afford to Ignore
We don’t have to tell you: the importance of your sales forecast is undeniable. It drives countless decisions across your organization and provides a view into future revenue levels based on consumer behavior and buying trends. Your forecast even helps guide performance goals for the company moving forward. Yet the benefits your forecast provides are almost completely nullified if the data driving it is inaccurate or incomplete. Getting an accurate forecast is the name of the game. But forecast accuracy is dependent on the quality of the CRM data feeding it. The bad news is, CRMs aren't connected to the...
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insight squared bullhorn integration
Introducing the InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn: Helping Recruiting Firms Use Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage
Modern Activity Reporting and Dashboards. Machine-Learning Guidance. Embedded in Bullhorn. The next-generation Staffing Platform platform is here.  See how the InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn will help you gain a competitive advantage, understand what’s happening in your organization, and use data to effectively drive the change you want to see.  WHY A NEW, MODERN APPROACH TO BULLHORN REPORTING For the last 10 years, InsightSquared has helped recruiting firms get more from Bullhorn through dashboards and reports.  Over that time the technology landscape has continued to evolve. Recruiting companies’ needs have also undergone significant changes. Not only have they navigated ongoing workplace...
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What is Revenue Operations? Plus Answers to Other RevOps Questions
What is Revenue Operations? Plus Answers to Other RevOps Questions We’re in the midst of a RevOps revolution. In fact, according to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a revenue operations (RevOps) model. But what is Revenue Operations and why is has it become so critical?  Whether you’re just starting your journey or on a team that’s scaling, we’ve created this comprehensive RevOps overview and glossary of revenue operations terminology and KPIs for your reference.  It’s our mission to help businesses make better decisions so they can take control of the revenue...
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Bullhorn analytics free demo
InsightSquared Unveils Predictive Analytics and Activity Reporting for Staffing Industry
InsightSquared Unveils Predictive Analytics and Activity Reporting for Staffing Industry Now available, InsightSquared for Bullhorn delivers best-in-class activity reporting, dashboards and machine-learning insights to drive more placements and revenue   BOSTON — JUNE 15, 2021 — InsightSquared, the leader in revenue intelligence, today introduced the InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn, a modern activity reporting and dashboarding solution that helps recruiting firms gain a competitive advantage using data. With the new platform, recruiting firms can go beyond traditional reporting such as the number of submittals, interviews and notes, to understand exactly which activities, or combination of activities, led to successful placements and most importantly, why....
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InsightSquared and RingLead Partner
InsightSquared and RingLead Partner, Enriching Contacts Throughout the Buyer’s Journey
InsightSquared and RingLead Partner to Deliver a Complete, Accurate View of Contacts Throughout the Buyer's Journey New integration provides automated enrichment and analytics of contacts identified during active sales cycles and customer relationships to reduce risk and improve forecast accuracy. Sign up for a demo of RingLead + InsightSquared today!  BOSTON — JUNE 8, 2021 — InsightSquared, a leader in revenue intelligence and forecasting, and RingLead, a leader in data orchestration and RevOps automation, today announced a strategic partnership providing customers a unified, accurate view into every prospect and customer, their activity and their influence—throughout the buyer’s journey. The new integration...
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State of Sales Forecasting 2021 shows 68% of companies miss their forecast by 11% or more
2021 Sales Forecasting Benchmarks Spotlight Opportunities for Improvement
2021 Sales Forecasting Benchmarks Spotlight Opportunities for Improvement Curious about what other revenue leaders really think about their own forecasting practices? Ever wish you had sales forecasting benchmarks to assess how your own organization stacks up?  Enough guessing. And enough assuming that forecast inaccuracy is simply something you have to accept.  Introducing the Ultimate Forecasting Benchmarks: The 2021 State of Sales Forecasting InsightSquared is excited to unveil The 2021 State of Sales Forecasting study. We launched this first-of-its kind forecasting research report in partnership with RevOps Squared, a SaaS benchmark and research firm. The survey process engaged with nearly 400...
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State of Sales Forecasting finds 68% of companies miss their forecast by more than 10%
2021 State of Sales Forecasting Research Finds 68% of Companies Miss Their Forecast by >10%
Industry-first Benchmark Study from InsightSquared and RevOps Squared Reveals Top Avenues for Boosting Forecast Accuracy include Improved Data Quality, Increased Sales Rep Accountability and Automation   BOSTON — MAY 25, 2021 — A first-of-its kind benchmark research report released today from InsightSquared, a leading provider of revenue intelligence solutions, and RevOps Squared, a SaaS benchmark and research firm, finds only 15 percent of revenue leaders are very satisfied with their forecast process, with 91 percent of participants reporting their predicted forecast is six percent or more off from actual results.This indicates businesses are making critical decisions—from hiring to market expansion to product...
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Say Goodbye to Excel Forecasting
Sales forecasting is a complex, time-sensitive endeavor for every sales leader. However, it doesn’t have to be. The root of the issue is that the majority of sales organizations continue to roll up their forecasts using static spreadsheets with many still relying on reps subjectively emailing their numbers to set their guidance each month and quarter.  Your spreadsheet is failing you! Aside from being prone to human error, there are four key reasons static, archaic spreadsheets are unreliable for sales organizations. Traditional spreadsheets are: Too time-intensive for reps. As reps race every day to hit their target numbers, they have...
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Webinar Recap: From Lagging to Leading Sales Indicators
Webinar Recap: From Lagging to Leading Sales Indicators
When it comes to measuring the health of your pipeline and forecasting the quarter, are you focused on Lagging Indicators that leave you looking in the rear-view mirror? What if you instead focused on Leading Indicators? The metrics that help you get ahead of risks and upside. Those that allow you see your pipeline in a new light. In the webinar, “From Lagging to Leading: The Essential Sales Metrics You Don't Want to Miss,” InsightSquared’s, James Davison, Chief Product Officer, and Lynn Herman, Senior Customer Enablement Consultant, share tips on taking advantage of both Lagging and Leading Indicators. Watch the...
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Is Your Forecast Relying on Incomplete Forecast Data?
Is Your Forecast Relying on Incomplete CRM Data?
Let’s face it. The data in your CRM influences a lot of decisions. Sure it serves as a customer database, automating workflows. But it also guides your sales process (stage by stage by stage) and it’s often used in generating your team’s forecast. But do you trust it? Do you feel confident in its accuracy? Completeness? Timeliness? If you don’t, you’re not alone! In fact, according to Gartner’s survey, less than 50% of sales leaders and sellers have high confidence in their organization’s forecast accuracy.  How’d we get here? CRMs were designed as contact repositories, but they remain disconnected to...
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