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“InsightSquared is part of my sales ops toolkit. When we want to understand the bigger picture, that’s what we use InsightSquared for.”

Pamela Coleman-Davis

VP of Operations



“InsightSquared has allowed me to spend a lot more time on strategic forward looking projects, things that really move the needle.”

Avra Lazear

Senior Manager, Global Sales Operations and Strategy



“InsightSquared is the reporting tool that you always wished Salesforce had. It helps us get a handle on what our data is telling us. ”

Mathew Mcculloch

Director of Sales Operations

InsightSquared reveals the details that help you make better decisions

Todd Olson CEO, Pendo



“InsightSquared allows us to respond to any changes happening in the market or in the pipeline as well as look at the full cycle from marketing to closed deal.”

Heather McKibbon

Senior Director



“InsightSquared provides very granular and actionable insight into what we’ve done and what we will be in the future.”

Nick Edwards




“InsightSquared is perfect for the sales leader who wants access to their historical data captured in their CRM system.”

Brian Levin

Director of Sales Enablement



“InsightSquared is like a sales reps lie detector test, it’s extremely accurate.”

Joe Vastine

Global Sales Operations Manager



“InsightSquared (Tiles) gets us the full suite of reporting every sales team needs and Slate lets us marry multiple data sources in a single place ”

Jack Montgomery

Sales Strategy & Analytics Manager



“InsightSquared helps us get the rich data out of Salesforce and the real time insights allows us to change strategy on a dime.”

Emmanuella Skala

VP of Sales

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