InsightSquared Partner Program

At InsightSquared, we believe revenue is a team sport.

Join our partner program and help take our customers’ revenue organizations to the next level. 

Private Equity & Venture Capital

InsightSquared partners with leading Private Equity & Venture Capital firms to provide deep visibility into key sales & marketing KPIs across the portfolio. Our RevOps approach streamlines BoD & executive-level reporting while delivering a framework for forecasting.

Advanced Sales Math

We partner with top sales effectiveness & training firms to help companies leverage InsightSquared’s Advanced Sales Math within their sales & marketing process to drive towards defined business outcomes, such as increased revenue & win rates.

CRM System Integrators

We work closely with CRM, implementation, & HubSpot Solution Partners who are experts helping go-to-market teams get even more value from their software deployments. Together we support customers as they address key challenges in their revenue processes.

Technology Alliance

InsightSquared technology integrations unlock siloed data in your current tech stack to drive visibility into customer/prospect engagement and activity. Combined we provide deeper visibility into what drives deals forward while increasing data quality in the CRM.

Referral Program

Referral partners understand the value InsightSquared can provide to mutual customers. Being a referral partner allows you to maintain the relationship with your client while we give them a best in class experience from the sales process through implementation to deliver on their requirements.

Innovate Together

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