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Top Sales Dashboards for Data-Driven Teams
Sales dashboards provide data-backed answers to your questions with the click of a button, but what data should you include?
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Interactive Benchmark Calculator: Assess Your Forecast Accuracy
Assess your forecast accuracy with our new Forecasting Benchmark Tool.
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G2 Revenue Operations Leader
InsightSquared named a leader in G2’s newest growing category: Revenue Operations.
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Forrester: The Future Of Sales Forecasting
Examine the current state of forecasting and unearth recommendations on how to future-proof your forecast strategy.
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12 Coaching Best Practices of Top Sales Managers
Learn how to better manage and optimize your sales process through data.
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Enabling B2B Interaction Visibility In A Converging Sales Tech Landscape
Learn the best practices for tracking buyer interactions to guide coaching, forecasting, and manage performance.
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The State of Sales Forecasting 2021 Benchmark Research
Research from InsightSquared and RevOps Squared Forecasting Benchmark data. See how your company measures up.
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Forrester SiriusDecisions – The Fundamentals of Sales Forecasting
Forrester SiriusDecisions reveals strategies to drive accuracy, predictability, and consistent success.
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Ultimate Guide to Sales Forecasting
The Ultimate Guide to Sales Forecasting
Do you feel confident in your team's sales forecasting abilities? Use this free guide to become a forecasting expert!
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12 Essential Sales Metrics
12 Essential Sales Metrics for B2B Companies
Measure what matters. Grab this free eBook highlighting 12 essential sales metrics B2B companies should be tracking to maximize execution.   
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Top Sales Analytics Vendors 2021
Top Sales Analytics Vendors Report: G2 Spring 2021
The Spring 2021 G2 Grid Reports are here and InsightSquared was ranked a Leader once again. Read the full report.
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The Guide to RevOps by Role
What exactly is revenue operations and what does it mean for each role within an organization?
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Activity Capture Buyers Guide
Buyer’s Guide to Activity Capture Solutions
Quick tips on how to evaluate the wide range of Activity Capture tools to get the depth and breadth of data you need.
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Survey Results: RevOps Leaders Reveal Sales and Marketing Tech Strategy
Get access to the results of InsightSquared’s fall 2020 survey of RevOps leaders on the topic of tech stack needs and trends.
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G2 Sales Analytics Leader
G2 Winter 2021 Grid Report
The winter 2021 G2 Grid Reports are here and InsightSquared is honored to be a leader. Check out the reports for more details.
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SalesTech Consolidation Guide
The Ultimate Guide to Sales Stack Consolidation
Understand the signs that your sales stack might need a revamp and take the first step into consolidating with this guide.
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Advanced Sales Math
The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Sales Math
Discover the crucial points in your sales cycle that can separate a winning deal from a losing deal.
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The Better Approach to Pipeline Reviews
Transform your pipeline reviews into proactive sessions with this guide.
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RevOps Checklist
Identify gaps in your organization and assess your RevOps journey with this checklist.
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The Ultimate Guide to Rep Management 
A detailed guide on how to effectively manage your sales reps.
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The Definitive Guide to Metrics-Driven Sales Coaching
See how using data can improve your sales coaching.
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Marketing Board Meeting Essentials 
Get past circular conversations about which metrics matter, and focus instead on strategic discussions based on data.
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The Ultimate Guide to Pipeline Management
Sick of being short on pipeline? Check this out to learn about the best practices and strategies for pipeline management.
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12 Must-Ask Questions for Sales Managers & VPs
In order to improve your sales team’s results, you need to ask the right questions.
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10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Business Intelligence
Make sure you ask these questions before pulling the trigger on a BI solution.
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Sales Board Meeting Essentials
Learn the key sales metrics and insights to share at your next board meeting. Effectively tell a story through data.
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The Definitive Sales Operations Handbook
Learn how you can make sales operations critical to your sales team’s success.
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Getting the Most from Salesforce
Learn how to customize your Salesforce instance to your specific needs.
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Sales Enablement: Rocket Fuel for Sales Growth
Learn how sales enablement can help you improve the efficiency of your reps.
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The Sales Operations Hiring Kit 
Complimentary job descriptions and best practices for building out your sales ops team.
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The 3 Secrets of Successful Pipeline Management
Learn the secrets to pipeline management from sales expert Jason Jordan.
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The Sales Operations Hiring Kit 
Complimentary job descriptions and best practices for building out your sales ops team.
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The CEO’s Guide to Sales and Marketing KPIs
Find out which metrics CEOs track to measure sales and marketing performance.
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