Customer Success Analytics

Improve customer retention and increase upsells.

Real-time reporting to help you maximize the value of every account.

Do you know which accounts are churn risk?

Are you tracking product usage and adoption?

Do you know what it takes to drive an upsell?


Know where your next upsell is coming from.

Maximize the long-term value of every account by understanding exactly where you stand at all times. Automatically correlate historical renewal rates across any time period against current account performance to get ahead of upcoming renewals well in advance so you can give accounts the attention they deserve and focus on new upsell opportunities.


With automatic and ongoing LTV calculations, as well as automated process-driven Actions, you can move quickly to scale without any hesitation.


Report the full story of your revenue stream.

Understanding your recurring revenue stream should be easy, but important details are frequently ignored in traditional spreadsheet reports. Our dashboard tracks key factors such as one-time fees, discounts, product line changes, mid-month activation, and alternative pricing options, so you have full clarity into your earnings.


We provide detailed insight into your recurring revenue for any period of time, offering additional KPIs like Quick Ratio, to give you (and leadership) an accurate assessment of your business’s health.


Learn from your shortcomings to avoid costly repeat mistakes.

Nobody wants to talk about churn, but it can be the downfall of your business if left unaddressed. We enable you to dissect account and revenue churn over time so you can uncover patterns that go deeper than surface level.


Filter opportunities by value, account stage and more, or compare customer cohorts to understand how sales activity impacts customer retention. With these insights, you can be more strategic about customer acquisition, improve customer success, and minimize future losses.

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