Marketing Analytics

Deeper data, insights and actions to understand the full impact of your marketing efforts.

Decision-making has never been easier.

Can you pinpoint inefficiencies in your marketing funnel?

Do you know the true ROI of your campaigns?

Are you accurately attributing marketing efforts to company success?


Gain full visibility into your funnel so marketing and sales can drive more revenue together.

Bring complete clarity to your marketing funnel so you can accurately view, report and attribute demand created across every campaign. Our marketing capture, coaching and analytics solutions show metrics at every stage of the funnel, providing real-time insight into conversion volume and conversion rates.


With a better grasp of demand, you can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and fine-tune campaigns to improve conversion efficiency. Foster better collaboration and alignment with your sales team by using a common platform.


Showcase ROI in real-time

Clearly show the return on your marketing efforts with real-time, interactive reports. View metrics side by side, with data automatically collected from your CRM.


Then take and assign actions based on the information you have at your fingertips. By providing accurate reports to leadership, you quickly build trust and credibility within the larger RevOps organization. And with our best practices reports, you can confidently deliver responses to the tough questions leadership aims your way.


Build and execute your marketing playbook to reach your sales and marketing goals.

Our activity capture tool provides you with complete data sets so you can locate patterns and gaps across your marketing efforts. These insights enable you to better plan out future campaigns and optimize spend across every channel.


By streamlining your marketing playbook and clearly demonstrating your value, you make a solid case to secure more marketing budget and resources. This enables you to scale your operations and generate more pipeline for your sales organization.

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