Staffing Analytics

Increase placements by deriving actionable intelligence from your ATS.

Spend time filling positions, rather than pulling reports.

More than 10,000 staffing leaders around the world use InsightSquared to run their businesses and drive more placements.

Do you know which open job orders are stalling?

What do top performers do differently?

Do you have enough pipeline to cover your revenue target?


Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to drive improvement.

Are your recruiters spending time on the right jobs? Track daily cold calls, emails and meetings and compare across the team to understand patterns of success as well as what can be done to drive more placements.


Review activity sliced across different time periods, by employee, against goals, or broken down by the categories that matter to your organization. This enables you to locate efficiencies and inefficiencies and establish new best practices across your organization.


Monitor your job order pipeline in real-time.

Is your recruiting activity progressing smoothly? Or are most of your open orders another month away from being completed. Never lose track of job orders again.


Job order pipelines organize daily work, enabling recruiters to dig into stages and prioritize work based on progression towards completion. It’s the information you need to take action and make sure that there’s always enough late-stage pipeline for you to hit your number.


Optimize your process to book more.

Recruiting is much more than just activity metrics and job orders. Successful staffing professionals leverage data to manage clients effectively, source the best candidates and maximize revenue.


Our reports keep close tabs on valued metrics like time-to-fill, win/loss ratios, and stage conversions. This equips you with the insights required to generate more interviews, placements, and revenue.

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