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Find out why and how you win

Go beyond conversion rates to assess your ideal sales motion. See how Advanced Sales Math improves pipeline health and rep effectiveness.

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Unlock more data. Get precise insight. Celebrate more wins. When you know what a winning deal looks like, you know exactly where to focus to improve conversion rates and outcomes.

Go beyond pure activity numbers to align sales activities with critical data points like deal attributions, progression timelines, sales cadences and engagement and historic win rates. Finally see and understand both the big picture — and the small details, that make a big impact.

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Do you know what your best reps do differently?

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Can you identify exactly where your prospects lose interest?

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Do you know your inflection points where conversions occur?

Machine Learning

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Know what translates to a win

InsightSquared’s self-serve and machine learning-driven Advanced Sales Math identifies the inflection points in a customer’s sales cycle where they win or lose deals. Critical moments such as number and type of activities that translate to a win; Profile of conversations for winning deals; and marketing lead effectiveness by source, deal type and segment; and more.

This deep level of intelligence helps managers identify the leads and deals that are at those inflection points and focus their attention and coaching on helping the team navigate through them to improve funnel health, stage progression and win rates.

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Not another one-off report

Advanced Sales Math is not a one-off consulting project. It’s a constantly updated, real-time calculation that factors in each step of every customer’s journey — and gets smarter all the time. It adds up to reveal what winning looks like at your organization and helps you scale and replicate those wins like never before.

Customize your reports by any field, and filter in-the-moment. Immediate answers to drive your business forward, faster.

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Quality + Quantity

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The Key to Improving Conversions

Ask yourself, would you rather a rep have five short calls or one engaging conversation with a champion and a follow up meeting on the calendar?

Understanding why and how, requires more than just activity levels. You have to weigh in cadence, progression, time, engagement levels and more. These rich data points are what you want to get clarity into quality and risk across your funnel, and see exactly where deals deviate from the optimum path. No more chasing bad deals — focus time and resources where it matters the most.


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