Guided Selling

Deliver personalized coaching directly to your sales and customer success teams with next steps for each deal in their pipeline.

Keep everyone on the path to success with AI-powered insights.

Everyone needs coaching, but a sales leader’s time is limited.

Dynamic guided selling isn’t just for sales. It’s that automated assistant, sourcing information at exactly the right time, providing helpful hits and guidance on how to execute at every stage of the customer journey. If you can describe it in words, we can automate it.

Are you prompted when customers go dark?

Can you easily scale coaching based on deal profiles?

Are your reps promptly addressing data hygiene issues in their funnel?


Continually Optimize Your Revenue Process

Leverage more than 120 pre-configured Actions or easily customize your own to improve cadence and efficacy of your processes. Our Actions Engine and Reporting make it easy to track Actions taken and determine what separates the top performers from the rest.


With insight into how factors like cadence and messaging impact your sales cycle and overall customer journey, you can quickly adjust your process to adopt best practices. Actions then help you scale and enforce these changes across teams, prompting reps in-the-moment with next steps based on proven results.


Make Every Action Count

Put your team in a position to succeed by assigning Actions. These can be customized by user, role, opportunity type, stage, region, or more, and are based on best practices learned from previous deals. With custom playbooks for reps to work from, you can ensure every deal gets the personal attention it needs.


Actions drive accountability back to sales reps and AMs to ensure your funnel accurately represents the quality of the opportunities. Managers can then focus in real time on at-risk deals and opportunities to coach their team. Timing is everything, and Actions enable the reps and managers to apply their experience and judgment where it can best drive results.


Get Smarter Over Time

Give reps and account managers the support they need to enhance their performance and close more deals. We leverage machine learning to identify the most effective selling behavior, giving you a baseline to evaluate rep performance and coach them towards more effective habits.


With up-to-the-minute data, you can provide in-the-moment coaching to push specific deals forward and make better use of each rep’s time. Automated Actions also provide next best steps based on learned patterns and trends so you can keep coaching without consuming time on trivial matters.

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