About InsightSquared

We’re a team of driven, problem-solvers. We’re positive. We work hard to “get to yes.”
We’re nimble. How nimble? Our product and engineering teams have completed more than 150 sprints.


Disrupting Business
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Amazing Team Members


Why do we come into work every day?

Easy: we want to solve big business problems, with the best minds, in an insanely collaborative and supportive environment. The beer on tap doesn’t hurt either.

Why should you join us?

You like solving problems, taking ownership, and if any of these other things get you jazzed, then we should talk:

  • Proving Points with Data
  • Lifestyle Spend Account
  • High Growth Software Companies
  • Brainy Alumni from Successful Startups
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Kegerators

Why shouldn’t you join us?

If your dream job involves any of the following, maybe we were never meant to be together:

  • Constantly Wearing Power Suits
  • Being Anonymous
  • Never Smiling
  • Endless Layers of Bureaucracy
  • Always Asking Permission
  • A No-Can-Do Attitude

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