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Improve your Salesforce reporting with easy to use, out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics.


Sales Funnel

Instantly visualize your sales funnel, knowing how your reps convert opportunities at each sales stage, and identify where coaching is most needed. Toggle which stages to visualize to see only what’s most relevant to your business. Then see a detailed breakdown of each sales stage including number of opportunities and team-wide conversion rates.  This free app by InsightSquared allows you to identify rep coaching opportunities and drive more revenue.

Pipeline Analytics

Improve sales performance by visualizing pipeline history and pipeline growth to understand if you will hit your goals. This free app by InsightSquared allows you to compare past revenue to pipeline and view by sales stage so you can forecast accurately. See your pipeline history in a single interactive chart, and see historical data in Salesforce that you can’t freely access anywhere else.


Sales Grader

Get a CRM consultation using all of your data in seconds! The Grader uses 16 key indicators to suggest which part of your sales process you can improve, and which you already master. With these insights, you can uncover your team’s biggest strengths and weaknesses, better manage pipeline and forecast more accurately.


Salesforce Deal Alerts in Real-Time! Champ is a virtual sales gong in your pocket. There’s no need for admin access or special configuration, just sign in with your regular Salesforce credentials and start getting notified the moment deals close. Available for iOS, Android and Slack.

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