Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Operations Drives Predictable Growth

Use data from across your business to optimize your revenue operations and achieve predictable growth with InsightSquared’s AI-powered revenue intelligence software.

Maximize Results Through Intelligent, Informed Decisions

InsightSquared’s AI-powered revenue intelligence software shortens the distance between data and informed decisions for every business leader involved in generating revenue for your company. It’s like an “operating system” for your revenue operations — rooted in our expertise and industry best practices, InsightSquared aligns your full go-to-market team around a uniform view to maximize results.

Better Manage Pipeline

Recognize patterns that lead to wins and start trusting the pipe you’ve got.

Forecast More Accurately

Quickly spot outliers, mitigate variability, and hit the shots you call — every time.

Tailor Rep Coaching

Create a culture of accountability and increase the “batting average” of your entire sales team.

Conduct Data-Driven Planning and Analysis

Focus on what’s truly driving revenue and empower leadership to make more informed decisions.

Optimize Demand Generation

Manage follow-up on marketing-generated demand from lead creation to closed won.

Build Custom Attribution

Understand marketing’s direct impact on revenue growth.

Sales Analytics
Answer everyday sales questions (even the ones your CRM can’t) automatically.

Our library of pre-built sales reports leverages our expertise, industry best practices and AI to uncover insights from your historical CRM data—from day one.

The reports you need to manage your pipeline, forecast more accurately, and tailor coaching to each rep’s performance are pre-built and ready to use.

Your team can easily access the reports they need on a daily basis, making it easier and faster to take action.

Understand what’s actually happening with demand and where to spend your next marketing dollar

Our marketing analytics dashboards flexibly connect to any data source to present a full-funnel picture of the revenue-generating lifecycle, from lead to opportunity to close.

Sales and marketing can finally speak a common language. Reports and dashboards enable teams to make highly-informed, data-driven decisions regarding marketing-generated demand, attribution, and future spend.

Feel the pulse of your customer base and understand your retention forecast

It’s easier to retain a customer than gain a new one. With InsightSquared’s analytics for customer success organizations, it’s easier than ever.

InsightSquared enables you to monitor and manage your renewals as a pipeline. Customer success dashboards provide visibility into your full pipe and help create an accurate renewals forecast. Customer success leaders can monitor accounts, set priorities, and coach reps to maximize results.

By better connecting customer success to sales and marketing, companies can finally approach revenue operations in a truly holistic way.

What People are Saying
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Reduce the Guesswork
InsightSquared’s AI-based forecasts predict your bookings with over 90% accuracy.
The ROI of InsightSquared
We analyzed nearly 200 customers to help you anticipate year-one gains in growth, efficiency, and retention.


increase in monthly bookings


increase in MRR


decrease in sales cycle length


increase in ASP


increase in overall win rate

The best of the best!
See why users voted us #1 in customer satisfaction for the fourth year in a row, including awards for best support, easiest admin, and best results.
Align your Revenue Operations functions.
Free yourself from native reports in CRM, complex BI systems and endless spreadsheets. Easily access the insights you need to make immediate, effective decisions for optimal business outcomes.
Are you ready for predictable growth?
Businesses rely on InsightSquared to forecast more accurately, better manage pipeline, tailor rep coaching, understand their marketing attribution and conduct data-backed planning and analysis.

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