Conversational Intelligence

Uplevel every interaction.

Whether remote or in the office, get the real-time conversation insights you need to spot engagement health, coaching moments and forecast risk.

Record, transcribe and analyze every customer call and meeting, from lead to opportunity, customer to upsell. Your relationship doesn’t end when the deal closes. It’s just getting started.

Conversational intelligence delivers an unfiltered lens into the state of your buyers and customers. It’s rich data that when combined with full-lifecycle activity capture and robust machine learning, enriches every element of your business – forecasts, reporting, product roadmaps, marketing campaigns, competitive positioning and more.

Do you know why Rep A has a higher competitive win rate?

Are you tracking the impact of decision makers on calls?

Do you know how often features are requested?


You can’t coach what you didn’t see.

Understanding what your top reps do differently has never been easier. Are the right personas engaged at the right time? Are key messages being delivered? Is follow up being planned?


Empower Managers to help your team win more using our OnDemand, searchable library of sales activity. Calls are transcribed instantly after meetings are complete. Search specific moments in the call to spend time coaching where it matters. Then create playlists to share with specific roles, new hires or teams to help everyone up their game.


Enhance every forecast, every report, every dashboard.

You’ve captured the conversation, now it’s time to put it to use. Add call and meeting intelligence to machine learning Confidence to Close and Ideal Opportunity Profile scores to get the deepest pipeline, competitive, team, rep analysis.

See pipeline impacted by competitive mentions, win/loss rates, cost concerns, pricing and proposal timelines, and more. Understand how many times products are mentioned or how many times features are requested. Then take your team benchmarking up a notch, reporting on skill level by pricing discussions, value proposition, objection handling, demos—and that’s just the start.


The broadest, deepest deal intelligence.

No more making business decisions based on a fraction of the data. Integrated directly with your CRM, Sales Forecasting and other tools, you’ll finally have a single source of the truth for your data, dashboards, analytics and predictions.


Add new contacts, capture meeting notes, update your forecast, log buyer intent, change opportunity stages or deal details — all without leaving InsightSquared. Trusted data to drive trusted decisions.

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