InsightSquared Unveils Predictive Analytics and Activity Reporting for Staffing Industry

InsightSquared Unveils Predictive Analytics and Activity Reporting for Staffing Industry

Now available, InsightSquared for Bullhorn delivers best-in-class activity reporting, dashboards and machine-learning insights to drive more placements and revenue  

BOSTON — JUNE 15, 2021  InsightSquared, the leader in revenue intelligence, today introduced the InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn, a modern activity reporting and dashboarding solution that helps recruiting firms gain a competitive advantage using data. With the new platform, recruiting firms can go beyond traditional reporting such as the number of submittals, interviews and notes, to understand exactly which activities, or combination of activities, led to successful placements and most importantly, why.

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A 10-year Bullhorn partner, InsightSquared has helped more than 10,000 staffing leaders around the world drive more placements and revenue. The new InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn introduces significant functionality to meet the growing challenges recruiters face, including best practice out-of-the-box reports, the ability to configure dashboards based on any object (such as custom objects), and real-time filtering and drill in capabilities for ad hoc analysis. Additionally, the platform can now be embedded in Bullhorn for a seamless user experience. 

“When it comes to recruiting, activity matters. Yet historically, staffing companies have been forced to predict success based on the total number of activities completed, rather than their effectiveness,” said Fred Shilmover, President and Founder, InsightSquared. “Today with the launch of the InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn, we are taking a massive leap forward, helping the staffing community digitally transform through automation, advanced analytics and deep insight into exactly which activities truly impact revenue.”

Flexible and configurable, the InsightSquared Platform makes it easy to tap into every aspect of a company’s staffing data to improve coaching, rep productivity and prioritization. Key functionality includes: 

  • Activity Reporting: Comprehensive analytics into the number of activities by rep, job, clients, and more. Understand where teams are spending their time and how jobs are being worked.
  • Candidate Reporting: Deep candidate analysis across any field in Bullhorn; Identify candidate pools for jobs or clients based on skills or location.
  • Job & Placement Reporting: Visualizations based on any field; Action plans for jobs; Identify job status and upcoming start and end dates to optimize margins and revenue.
  • Lead & Opportunity Reporting: Best-in-class analytics into lead and opportunity data; Get real-time insight into which leads are being worked as well as those that are underinvested.
  • Machine Learning: Analyze the effectiveness of previous recruiting efforts to understand the impact specific activities have on placement and revenue, to identify where to prioritize efforts. 

“The new InsightSquared Platform has already provided us with much more in-depth intelligence and analytics across our various service offerings,” said Keith Giffney, COO, V-Soft Consulting Group. “The advanced financial data is comprehensive and the new dashboards are true game changers in helping us track, manage and grow our business.” 

Available immediately, InsightSquared is demonstrating the new InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn at this week’s Bullhorn EngageX. Those not in attendance at the virtual conference can request a demo at InsightSquared for Bullhorn.

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