Mediafly is Acquiring InsightSquared: Intelligence + Enablement = The Winning Combination for Revenue Teams

As CEO of InsightSquared, I am extremely excited to share that Mediafly, the leader in sales enablement, is acquiring InsightSquared, creating a world-class revenue intelligence and enablement experience for B2B teams.

Having spent three decades in sales and marketing leadership roles and been fortunate to witness several significant disruptions driven by technology, I am convinced of three things: 

  1. We are on the cusp of advancements that will change the game within the revenue functions of B2B companies
  2. Activity and engagement analytics are the keys to assessing the health of a deal and the strength of the overall pipeline.
  3. There will be considerable Revenue Tech stack consolidation in the next 18 months to reduce the data silos and improve the analytics for marketers, sellers, operations teams and business leaders

These beliefs are behind our strategy to bring these two powerhouses together. 

From Analytics to Actionable Revenue Intelligence

When I joined InsightSquared two years ago, the company was well-known for delivering dashboards that revenue leaders used to run their sales management processes. While effective for reporting, our customers sought a deeper level of analytics to improve sales effectiveness — as such, we launched the industry’s most flexible and powerful revenue intelligence platform — bringing together activity capture, predictive forecasting, full-funnel analytics, and self-serve dashboards that are used every day to improve sales effectiveness and efficiency. 

The InsightSquared platform is changing the game for revenue teams: 

  • We automated the entry of customer engagement activity into CRM, removing the burden on reps to self-report activities. Without this expanded set of data we have been limited to providing in depth analytics on the sales process.   
  • We launched an analytics framework that identifies the insights to understand exactly how and why they win deals; where sales cycle inflection points exist; what deals are likely to close; which deals have stalled or are dead in the funnel. 
  • We provide 350+ self-serve, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards in support of the weekly/monthly/quarter sales management systems.  

Remote selling is here to stay. That means more digital data than ever is available for revenue teams to consume and act upon. The potential is massive — but it starts with collecting and understanding. That is where our Revenue Intelligence Platform excels: It captures the activities and understands what they mean — email exchanges, visibility into the full buying group, meeting conversations, and more. 

We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished, but at the same time, realize there is a missing analytics component: One that understands how your prospects and customers are engaging with your marketing and sales content — a category where Mediafly leads the way.

Content Engagement: The missing piece

InsightSquared customers know the value of automated activity capture and the power engagement data has on assessing pipeline health. This announcement takes it to the next level by bringing content analytics into view. 

Imagine a committed deal that appears stalled, with no next meeting scheduled or customer responses to your team. Rather than panicking and flooding the customer with emails or prematurely removing the deal from the forecast, you now have visibility that the customer is actively reviewing your content. This is more than simply, “have they opened the attachment?” The Mediafly technology provides analytics into how they are actually engaging with the content. What specific pages of the content are being viewed and for how long; who the content has been shared with; and how the extended buying group is engaging. 

Now imagine these content analytics, incorporated into your machine learning to further enhance the accuracy of the confidence to close analytics. The impact:

  • Reps gain additional insights into what content is most effective at different stages of the sales process.
  • Sales managers gain added visibility to assess potentially stalled deals
  • Marketing leaders gain greater insights on how content is best leveraged through the sales process
  • Sales leadership has improved confidence in their forecast to guide strategy and investments.

What does this mean for InsightSquared Customers? 

Today’s announcement means added investment for our Revenue Intelligence Platform to provide more activity and engagement data, more insights, enhanced machine learning predictions, more tools such as interactive content & value calculators!  — all available under one brand to help you meet and exceed your revenue goals. 

  • There is no other platform on the market that combines sales activity + content engagement insights into a single view for sales, marketing, enablement, post-sale, and operations teams.
  • Likewise, there is no other platform that includes content analytics in their predictive machine learning models to assess the health of a deal and drive revenue forecasts. 

We’re incredibly thrilled to join the Mediafly team, share experiences and take our innovative Platform to the next level. We have already aligned roadmaps and will be bringing new innovation to market in Q1 2022. 

Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to what’s ahead and sharing this journey with you. 

– Todd Abbott, CEO, InsightSquared