Everybody wants to be data-driven.

But most people take the wrong approach to data analysis – they lack focus and intent.

In our recent conversation with Mike Grigsby, he highlighted the importance of strategy, saying, “Analytics not guided by strategy is like a special effects movie with no plot – there may be explosions and cool battles, but there’s no point to it.” And he’s right.

So what’s the best way to adopt a data-driven philosophy? It’s all about asking the right questions.

That’s why sales dashboards are so useful to sales leaders – they provide data-backed answers to specific questions with the click of a button.

To help you think about which questions you should be asking, we compiled this list of 7 sales dashboard examples and templates, each designed to match a certain role and answer pertinent questions.

These are real sales dashboards used by real sales leaders here at InsightSquared that we built to make life easier for data-driven people like you!

To start thinking about what your dashboard should look like, check out the 7 role-based sales dashboard examples and templates below.

Click on the dashboard you want to see to jump to it:

(It should be noted that these screenshots only display a section of each dashboard. To see each dashboard in its entirety, get a FREE trial of InsightSquared today.)

Sales Manager Dashboard: Daily View

Who uses this dashboard at InsightSquared? Ben Theriault, Director of Sales

As a sales manager, you never want to miss a beat of your sales team’s progress and activity. Now you can easily see what needs your attention right now with this daily dashboard.

Easily answer questions like:

  • How are sales going this month?
  • Which opportunities were recently won and lost?
  • How is our pipeline changing?
  • Are we sourcing enough opportunities to meet our future goals?
  • Who should I congratulate today?

Sales Manager Dashboard Daily View


Sales Manager Dashboard: Process Efficiency

Who uses this dashboard at InsightSquared? Vishal Sunak, Director of Sales Operations

Identify where your sales process is most effective and where it needs the most help. Stop wondering how you could increase efficiency; start finding out exactly where you can improve.

Easily answer questions like:

  • How frequently is our team struggling with data quality?
  • Where do data errors occur? And how often do they occur?
  • Are sales activities meeting our goals?
  • How effective are our team’s sales activities?
  • What is our sales cycle across employees?

Sales Manager Process Efficiency


Sales Performance Dashboard for Managers

Who uses this dashboard at InsightSquared? Joe Caprio, Senior Director of West Coast Sales

This dashboard allows you to comprehensively review each rep’s performance and understand their progress relative to their peers. Find out who’s leading the pack and who could use a little more coaching.

Easily answer questions like:

  • What are employees booking and forecasting this month?
  • Are employees meeting goals?
  • Are rep’s pipelines setting them up for success?
  • How many sales activities are reps accomplishing?
  • How do employees’ sales cycles compare?

Sales Performance Dashboard for Managers


Sales Rep Dashboard: Daily View

Who uses this dashboard at InsightSquared? Ben Solari, Account Executive

If you’re a sales rep, now you can see how your month is progressing and how you’re doing compared to other reps. 

Easily answer questions like:

  • How much are we booking this month?
  • How are we progressing against goals?
  • Is my current pipeline sufficient?
  • How does my sales cycle compare to my colleagues’?
  • Which activities should I focus on to meet my goals?

Sales Rep Dashboard


Executive Dashboard: Daily View

Who uses this dashboard at InsightSquared? Fred Shilmover, CEO

This dashboard gives executives perspective on successes, progress, and pain points each day. Think of it as a way to get an immediate pulse on your business with the click of a button.

Easily answer questions like:

  • What are our top line numbers?
  • Will sales meet our goals?
  • What are recent successes and misses?
  • How is the pipeline changing?
  • Is lead generation meeting goals and feeding sales?

Executive Dashboard Daily View


Executive Dashboard: Investor Update

Who uses this dashboard at InsightSquared? Jeremy King, CFO

Walk into investor meetings more confident than ever before with crucial metrics close at hand. Putting together a presentation for a board meeting has never been easier.

Easily answer questions like:

  • How are bookings progressing?
  • How the business now compare to previous periods?
  • What are our biggest deals recently?
  • Which products and campaigns are bringing in the most business?
  • How is recurring revenue changing?

Executive Dashboard Investor Update


Executive Dashboard: Quarterly Retrospective

Who uses this dashboard at InsightSquared? Steve McKenzie, VP of Sales

This dashboard example enables you to review the achievements and misses of your business last quarter. Need a starting point for your QBR? This is it.

Easily answer questions like:

  • Did bookings meet or miss goals?
  • How much did our sales team accomplish?
  • How did last quarter compare to recent history?
  • Which products and marketing campaigns were most valuable?
  • What caused lost opportunities?

Executive Dashboard Quarterly Retrospective


Marketer Dashboard: Daily View

Who uses this dashboard at InsightSquared? Adam von Reyn, Marketing Director

With this dashboard, you can review your marketing team’s performance, including lead generation and conversions against your goals. This is SMarketing at its finest.

Easily answers questions like:

  • How is lead generation progressing?
  • Which lead sources and marketing campaigns are most successful?
  • How much are leads getting converted to opportunities and deals?
  • How quickly are leads converted?
  • Is the sales team following up on leads?

Marketing Dashboard

No matter your role on your sales team, dashboards can make your life easier by uncovering opportunities for improvement. Don’t be left wondering how your sales team is performing; get the answers you need with the click of a button.

Interested in learning more about these sales dashboard examples and templates that we put together for your convenience?

Get a FREE trial of InsightSquared today.

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