Introducing the InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn: Helping Recruiting Firms Use Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Modern Activity Reporting and Dashboards. Machine-Learning Guidance. Embedded in Bullhorn. The next-generation Staffing Platform platform is here. 

See how the InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn will help you gain a competitive advantage, understand what’s happening in your organization, and use data to effectively drive the change you want to see. 


For the last 10 years, InsightSquared has helped recruiting firms get more from Bullhorn through dashboards and reports. 

Over that time the technology landscape has continued to evolve. Recruiting companies’ needs have also undergone significant changes. Not only have they navigated ongoing workplace and business challenges. Now recruiters are responding to a return-to-work resurgence at an unprecedented level. With historically strong job growth already in view, staffing firms that prioritize digital transformation and automation will outperform their competitors. Agencies on the fastest track for growth believe in the power of new technology and recruiting automation to transform the industry. 

Our new InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn platform empowers recruiting firms with the innovation they need to meet today’s challenges. 

We know that in order to stay competitive, your data needs to work for you. It’s no longer enough to have static reports and dashboards. Today’s recruiters need deeper intelligence, insights that highlight where and why you win. Those insights help inform strategies and allow you to create repeatable processes that scale. From there you can leverage technology to reinforce winning behavior and keep everyone on the same successful page. 

There is no doubt reporting and analytics are important. They are required to visualize what’s happening in the business. However, leading staffing firms are shifting from reactionary reporting to proactive change management to drive the growth they expect to see. Companies want real-time data that they can take action on in the moment. Simply reporting and analyzing past performances is not enough to optimize processes and drive growth at the pace you hope to achieve.


More than numbers on the screen, the goal with the new Platform is to drive change in your organization.

And that change starts with activity. Everyone knows activity matters, but for too long staffing firms have been forced to use sheer quantity metrics to define success, despite the fact that we all know doing more isn’t always the answer. This type of “doing more” mindset results in a ton of wasted effort and time for recruiters. Instead, activity should occur where and when it has the biggest impact. 

In working with thousands of staffing leaders, the highest performers focus less on overall activity numbers and more on activity benchmarks. 

For example, how does activity actually impact fill rate? You may think that boils down to the number of interviews to make a placement. That’s important, but more valuable is benchmarking your open jobs to see how activity actually impacts your fill rates. Imagine truly understanding the benchmarks such as fill rate by number of interviews, submissions, sendouts, or notes. 

That’s what you get with the InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn — you can now benchmark your data to inspect which jobs need action and which jobs are stalled out based on inaction or too much activity. 

The market is competitive and spending unnecessary time on dead jobs is leaving revenue on the table for competitors. Coaching and managing reps has never been more important. By highlighting the activities that drive success, InsightSquared gives you the ability to drive the change that leads to more placements in seats, and more revenue in the door. 


For years our customers have relied on us for best practices and out-of-the-box analysis of their data. While we continue to lead in this space, we know the market needs more. Today we’re proud to bring MORE to you:

  1. Automation — Drive changes in the business through workflows and automatic updates to Bullhorn via actions in the InsightSquared platform.
  2. Machine Learning — Understand what drives jobs forward and what current jobs are most likely to close with ML models.
  3. Increased Flexibility — Answer ad hoc questions with any of your Bullhorn data and create custom reports and analysis to answer the questions you need, when you need it. 

As staffing firms continue to digitally transform, we’re excited to be your trusted partner, continuously driving innovation for the Bullhorn Marketplace. 


The InsightSquared Platform for Bullhorn is available immediately. Try it for yourself today: request a demo at InsightSquared for Bullhorn.

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