10 Ways InsightSquared’s Activity by Day Improves Sales Execution

When it comes to sales execution strategy and overall forecast accuracy, understanding exactly what steps have already occurred on an account is key. 

  • Did the prospect respond to the last email quickly? 
  • What was the time period between demo and meeting 3?
  • Is the champion engaged?
  • What has happened since the deal moved stages?   

What if in your next pipeline review, or sales execution strategy meeting, you had real-time access to the data that actually shows you visually both deal health and risk? 

You can! Say hello to InsightSquared’s industry-changing report, Activity by Day, which presents every activity, email, meeting, call, and more without you or your sales reps spending countless, valuable hours manually updating your CRM data each and every week. 

The Rundown on Activity by Day

Activity by Day automatically captures and presents the last six weeks of activity for any given CRM object, including: opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, CRM Users and card inspection views. Sales Leaders, Sales Managers and Sales Ops can utilize self-serve filters to see only the data they need at any given time, and adjust the filters accordingly. 

Activity by Day

Curious to see why a deal may have stalled and how you can give it life before the quarter ends? What if you could look at your rep’s engagement activity with the prospect or customer since the demo or after it entered a new stage? With a few simple clicks, you can open the People feature, enable Activity by Day, and have an instant visual of activity by rep, showing levels of both inbound and outbound activities of each rep over the last six weeks. Every call, email, meeting and conversation, right in front of you in an easily-digestible dashboard. 

Effortlessly pinpoint where the deal started to veer in the wrong direction, and coach your rep on how they can save it and avoid similar scenarios from  happening next quarter. Think of the possibilities this one feature could have in improving your organization’s sales execution strategy. Here’s 10 possibilities we are proud to supply our users with.

10 Ways Activity by Day Improves Inspection for Sales Execution

  1. Review rep engagement with new leads to ensure your team is running the right plays from the start.
  2. Inspect rep engagement to determine if prospects are reciprocating engagement with the rep.
  3. Discover if reps are over-investing in under-qualified opportunities.
  4. Drill down into the details of opportunities with declining engagement.
  5. Find deals that have pushed multiple times and discover why.
  6. See if your reps are engaged with the right contacts and at the right level.
  7. Determine best practices based on positive results to help coach reps for success.
  8. Understand new playbook execution – did you get the meeting?
  9. Inspect pushed opps and determine if you actually lost them completely.
  10. Examine why an opp stalled, and use the data to find out if you have bigger problems. 

Using Activity by DayNow that you’re excited about improving your sales strategy, let’s dive into a use case.

Using Activity by Day in a Pipeline Review

Let’s set the scene: you’re a manager running a pipeline review for your team. You could run a report in your CRM and scroll through deal by deal asking your rep for an update. That model has been tried for decades—but in today’s data-driven culture, there are much more effective and efficient tools at your disposal.

For instance, InsightSquared’s Movement and Progression gives insight on the movement of opportunities through your process stages. Combined with Activity by Day, you can easily discern how engagement has affected the progression of opportunities, bringing attention to areas that need it and helping you coach your reps on needed changes to their sales execution. 

Imagine if you actually had the insights needed to implement best practices to improve your sales execution strategy, like focusing on the early-stage of your sales funnel. With InsightSquared’s Activity by Day, those needed insights are a reality.

The Data’s Waiting For You!

You’ve read how Activity by Day can drastically improve your sales execution, but in this article we only scratched the surface of one feature included in InsightSquared’s Revenue Intelligence platform. 

Ready to see how we can help your sales team operate at its full potential? Schedule a free demo and see for yourself!