A GPS for your Sales Team – Sales Forecasting Kit

Do you remember driving in the days before GPS?

Any time you had an important appointment (a meeting with a potential client, say) at a place you’d never been, you had to carry out some pretty complicated planning and predicting to figure out exactly when should leave in order to arrive on time. Often, your calculations were a little (or a lot) off and you ended up making a pretty terrible first impression. And even when you did (by some miracle) make it on time, you were sick with anxiety the whole ride.

After talking to hundreds of sales leaders about hitting their goals, we started to realize something: Most sales leaders feel like they’re driving without a GPS to an important destination on a strict deadline. That’s what a missed sales forecast feels like.

(This isn’t the first time you’ve read a post on “Data-Driven Sales Forecasting.” We’ve even written multiple posts on better sales forecasting methods ourselves, and will certainly write more in the future!)

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In fact, when viewed from this angle, a lot of the comments we hear again and again from sales leaders start to make a lot more sense.

  • “The end of every quarter is a complete surprise.”
  • “I’ve missed 3 months in a row, and I had no idea until the last day.”
  • “If I knew I was going to have so many deals fall through at the 11th hour, I would have done so many things differently at the beginning of the month!”

Helping sales leaders do their jobs better ‒ and hit their sales goals more reliably ‒ is our main mission as a company, so we decided to help them out by creating our first ever Sales Forecasting Kit. It’s intended to act as a kind of Sales GPS, and it’s filled with tons of content, data and strategies designed to help sales leaders build a better forecast and take the surprise out of hitting their sales goals.

What’s included in the kit?

  • A three-page guide for creating a forecast that works
  • A full eBook about the theory behind data-driven forecasting
  • An infographic separating the myths from the science of sales forecasts

If you want to make 2015 the year you finally get an accurate sales forecast, download your kit today.