Better Understanding and Use of Salesforce with InsightSquared Leads to All Around Stronger Sales Team

The Company

[image source_type=”attachment_id” align=”right” source_value=”31503″ width=”196″ height=”197″ quality=”100″] Armada Human Capital Group (Armada) is a global recruitment process outsourcing company that focuses on harnessing fresh energy and talent by delivering exceptional, cost effective and timely solutions.  InsightSquared recently spoke with Vivian Mimano, the company’s CEO.

The Problem

Armada has been using InsightSquared for over a year, the same amount of time they’ve been using Salesforce.  This was not a coincidence. Armada purchased Salesforce, but struggled to use the reports. They realized the software’s limitations and very quickly bought InsightSquared to get what they needed out of their new CRM.

Wins for Armada:

  • Better understanding and use of Salesforce
  • Built the ideal set up for Salesforce
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Better rep coaching
  • Cleaner Salesforce data

The Solution

Mimano found InsightSquared while reading a case study that spoke about InsightSquared as a powerful business analytics company. She was intrigued and reached out. She soon understood that it was the solution they needed and within a few days she had InsightSquared up-and-running at Armada. Mimano quickly realized InsightSquared gave her company much better business analytics and a more solid understanding of Salesforce.

“InsightSquared helped us figure out Salesforce,” Mimano said simply. Because InsightSquared displays data visually, in near real-time, Mimano immediately understood that the company needed to make alterations in Salesforce because their data errors were glaringly obvious through the lens of InsightSquared. “In using InsightSquared, we realized there were changes we needed to make in Salesforce to ensure the reports were mapped out effectively,” explained Mimano.

“In making some of those changes, the InsightSquared support team helped us answer questions we had about Salesforce.  They showed us best practices around using Salesforce,” said Mimano. “This made InsightSquared even more valuable: It demonstrated how to use Salesforce most effectively, so it’s been extremely beneficial.”

The Benefits

With InsightSquared, Mimano and the team have the ability to add in the exact type of stages and number of stages they need to, giving them better insight into their business than ever before.  The Sales Cycle report in InsightSquared shows Mimano which stage has the biggest drop-off and from there she could drill down to figure out why that was happening, and why these opportunities were getting stuck.  Mimano and the management team can now refocus on opportunities that they can win, by understanding which opportunities have a high chance of being closed-won.  Management can now give advice to reps working stuck opportunities, asking them why it’s been in that stage for so long and helping them find a solution.

Nowadays the team can, at any given time, understand where each opportunity is in the sales process and how far or close that opportunity is to closing.  This helps the executive’s budget for the year because they know, on average, how long each opportunity will take to close and when those deals will come in.  “InsightSquared has helped the whole company in a big way” said Mimano.

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