“InsightSquared brings the data and reporting in Bullhorn to life so that you and your consultants make better informed decisions.”

- Craig Bowater, Executive Director

International Recruitment Agency: Aurec

Aurec is a full service staffing & recruiting agency, with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. Aurec has a team of 32 recruitment consultants, and they have been using cutting edge technology to grow their business since their inception in 2002. Aurec prides themselves on their agility in a rapidly-changing industry. They have leveraged industry-leading ATS provider Bullhorn since 2011 to house their sales data, and recently added InsightSquared Analytics to gain access to more in-depth trends and insight into their business.

As leaders in the APAC Technology, Life Sciences, and Finance markets, Aurec’s clients value their best-in-breed knowledge and performance that comes from being innovators: They fill opportunities more effectively and provide unrivaled expertise.

By leveraging InsightSquared’s prebuilt reporting and analytics for Bullhorn, Aurec has been able to:

  • Save Senior Management 16 hours per week on report and forecast building
  • Increase Data Quality from less than 80% to 97% and improving…
  • Improve overall win rate by 9%
  • Get access to historical Bullhorn data they could not before
  • Give consultants access to individual time-to-fill and fill rates to work more effectively

Finding InsightSquared: A Need for Deep Analysis

In 2013, Aurec was looking for a solution that gave them access to their historical client and consultant data to better predict future success. They had struggled to be able to do deep business analysis based on the reports in Bullhorn. Aurec’s Executive Director, Craig Bowater decided to look for an analytics solution in the Bullhorn Marketplace — where he found InsightSquared and “Instantly loved the reporting and BI tools it offered us in terms of understanding our data and what it means historically.”

Bowater was looking for a better way to forecast sales on a monthly and quarerly basis. When it came time to step up their analysis of their Bullhorn data, InsightSquared immediately impressed Bowater, “InsightSquared takes a very accurate, data-driven approach to forecasting and data analysis.” Now, Bowater uses Bullhorn for running day-to-day reports, but leans on InsightSquared to get a deeper analysis of trends in the business. Previously, he had spent 4 hours per week ascertaining and reviewing forecasts from managers — now he can access these forecasts within a few clicks.

“We can also get trend reports on many things including jobs which is an early indicator of what’s going to happen in the future,” Bowater explained. This includes projected bookings, monthly pipeline projections, time-to-fill (by team and by individual consultant) and a placement conversion funnel that enable Aurec to anticipate sales performance based on the current state of the world.

Aurec’s Data: Unleashed by InsightSquared

InsightSquared gives Aurec better visibility over the data they collect and store in Bullhorn, which allows them to make more informed decisions and manage their business better. Elements of their Bullhorn data that were previously inaccessible are now at Bowater and consultants fingertips, including sales forecasting, activity logged against jobs, and job stage conversion ratios by consultant. InsightSquared helps their senior management better run their teams and Aurec’s team of consultants perform better in their daily roles, by showing them which jobs to prioritize and where they stand compared to other performers on the team.

Since implementing InsightSquared Aurec has been able better prioritize open jobs across the board, and Bowater can show consultants their own fill rates and time-to-fill. Consultants now know whether they should be working with that client or particular role — a feature they never could have accessed with Bullhorn reporting alone. “There are always things that our consultants can improve — the activities they are logging, the clients they are working with, and the jobs they choose to take on — InsightSquared is providing a lense over that data that is instantly understandable and actionable for our entire team,” Bowater shared. He values that managers and consultants can immediately hone in on what needs improving.

Bowater also loves the data quality reports in InsightSquared, which he uses to keep his consultants honest about what they log in Bullhorn: “Data accuracy is a great report when your business depends on data integrity. Its great that you can sit down with a team or a consultant and look at their jobs open report. Its shows graphically the activity and effort someone is putting (or NOT putting) into each job opportunity.”

Final Thoughts: On Bullhorn Users Considering Analytics

For users considering adding analytics and reporting to Bullhorn, Bowater explains it best, “InsightSquared has given Aurec much more than better reporting: It’s given us new ways of looking at our business as well as, at an individual level, the ability to coach better set daily and weekly individual and team goals that they can work against.”

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