Avoid the End of Quarter Reporting Scramble

It’s the end of the quarter. Whoops, you forgot to pull together all the reports you need for your post-mortem deck. Now you have to scramble to run the seven reports you need–oh nuts, they each take half an hour to run? Ok fine, meanwhile you can update your running monthly Excel–ugh, why are these formulas broken? Who touched this last? Why are there missing cells here? Where’s the previous version? Ok, that’s ok, in the meantime you can log into your ATS/CRM to see how good the quarter was–wait, why is revenue negative? That’s not possible. Which placement wasn’t tracked? …Ok so this number needs to be reconciled with this number…where’s Bill? He should know–he went home?? I’M GOING TO BE HERE ALL NIGHT.

Always On, Always Updated Quarterly Dashboards

So there’s that scenario, or there’s this one:

This is InsightSquared’s Sales Trending Dashboard. Always on, always automatically updated. This screen can answer how your company or team performed this quarter and compare that to the same quarter last year, and also to the average quarter. Hover over each of the blue dots to see the exact numbers for that day of the month.

Did my team members hit their goals this quarter? That’s a pretty important and common end of the quarter question to ask. We have it at a click on our Activity by Goals Dashboard:

See which employees exceeded goals, who fell short; and you’re also able to drill on a name to see his/her individual scorecard. Again, you can hover over each color bar to see specific numbers on each employee’s metric.

What was last quarter’s win/lost percentages? We’ve got you covered here too with our Won/Lost Analysis Dashboard:

At this point, explaining how to read our screens would seem redundant and unnecessary. The data is presented clearly and efficiently so anyone can consume this information at a glance. How much time would this save you and your employees come the end of the quarter reporting scramble? Hours? A day? More?

Stop Pulling Reports

Pulling a report is something we feel should happen behind the scenes, by robots who don’t have to worry about getting home on time for dinner. You shouldn’t spend time pulling and assembling reports. You should spend the time actually looking at the data and planning your business strategy. Let better technology do the boring stuff, so come the end of the quarter you’ll never have to scramble again.

Ready to do away with pulling reports? Let’s get you started.