Bauer Consulting Group  Executive Recruiters and HeadhuntersAlan Bauer is the president of Bauer Consulting Group, an international search firm specializing in staffing for Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Technology/IT, and Construction. Bauer Consulting is also knowledgable of the Maquiladora Industry along the US and Mexico border. Alan chatted with InsightSquared about his company’s experience with our product.

What was your reporting and analytics like before InsightSquared?

Our ATS reporting was pretty good, but it took a lot of time to manage because there were 3rd party data sources that didn’t integrate into the system. We used our ATS’ reporting to pull reports for our workflow and new candidates, but the graphics weren’t as good as what we now get with InsightSquared. Also, we couldn’t slice and dice our data as easily as we can today.

How did InsightSquared change your reporting?

I think the biggest win is more efficient use of our time. InsightSquared saves us time by helping us not waste valuable time on activities we previously would have. For example, the Job Order screen might show a big green bubble that’s low on the chart. Now we know we’re working a low value deal too hard, so we stop move on to better Job Orders. Previously, we might work on a bad Job Order for 8 or 9 weeks instead of making more cold calls to get a better/new order. So, InsightSquared helps us to stop working on bad business and bring in new business.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, we had multiple data sources that we pull reports from. We use M5 [ShoreTel Sky] for our VoIP phones and since you integrate with them, I have my call data and activity data in one place. That’s the beauty of InsightSquared; it’s all linked, all automated. Everyone knows what their call time was and how many calls were made. We don’t need the old call accounting software anymore. Now we can see the data in the Nightly Emails.

How has your Data Quality changed with InsightSquared?

We have a weekly meeting every Tuesday where we spend 30 minutes looking at the reports from InsightSquared. We match up the activities reported in your product against the numbers in our ATS. No one wants to be the person with wrong numbers, so people take the time to clean up their data the day before. We also reward high data quality accuracy. Our data quality is almost always 100%. When we started with you guys, we were around 37%.

What actionable insights do you get from the reports?

Since our data is more accurate, it helps us know what Job Orders to work. The Win/Loss Analysis helps employees pick jobs that are more likely to close.

The forecast is also very accurate. It’s within a couple thousand dollars of the actual, every month. So we know we can use the forecast to plan. If the next three months are trending lower, we can diagnose why: “oh look, our Job Order trend is down,” or if our Win Rate is low, then we need better quality Job Orders.

Any final words?

InsightSquared is valuable to a one-person office to a forty-person office. The ease of use is huge, so it’s helpful for small and large staffing companies.

Thanks Alan! We appreciate your testimonial.


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