Bayside Solutions came to InsightSquared to solve their business visibility and forecasting challenges. The result was a 100% increase in submissions, 68% reduction in data errors, and one very happy customer.

InsightSquared was worth their fee on day one, and down the road we’re going to get 10x more value.

- Ed Williams, President, Industrial Staffing Division

About Bayside Solutions

Bayside Solutions (@BaysideSol) is medium-sized staffing firm founded in 2001 with offices in Pleasanton, CA and Sacramento, CA. They focus on permanent and contract staffing for the technical, construction, and scientific industries.

Before InsightSquared

We had no data to identify performance metrics for employees. We needed to see our business for what it was and assess where we’re at.

- Ed Williams

Bayside had no visibility into activity, bookings, or results. With no forecasting visibility Bayside could not identify which job orders were likely to close and which needed assistance. Recruiters often failed to comply with data entry standards.

Easy Setup

InsightSquared’s suite of staffing-specific dashboards were live within 24 hours. Bayside gained immediate visibility into activities, client performance, and forecasting.

I have a lot of vendor relationships. This is the only one that feels like a true partnership.

- Ed Williams

Data issues were immediately identified and fixed by the system. Bayside gained immediate visibility into what was working and not.

Results with InsightSquared

Metrics skyrocketed:

  • Number of calls doubled over 6 months
  • Connects up 29%
  • Interviews up 4x
  • Submissions up 100%
  • Data errors down 68%
Before, half the staff were using (our ATS) and others were just not there. Now, the other half is outperforming the first because they know the data is being watched.

- Ed Williams

Bayside now uses InsightSquared for all employee and client performance evaluations.


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