[Guide] How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Every sales team wants a shorter sales cycle. It’s a proven way to bring in more revenue in the same amount of time, and one of the keys for companies that want to separate themselves from the competition.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet that will help you shorten your sales cycle. It’s not as simple as telling your reps to hustle deals along and to “always be closing.”

No, if you want to reduce the time it takes you to win deals, you need to carefully analyze your sales cycle from a variety of angles and target the specific areas of your sales cycle that are contributing the most to your sales cycle’s length. After that, you must create a sales process that minimizes the number of deals you lose late in the sales process, which means improving the way you qualify out unlikely-to-convert opportunities.

We know this isn’t always easy, so we created a simple 3-page guide to help you shorten your sales cycle. Instead of regurgitating the conventional wisdom about rushing prospects through the sales funnel, this guide focuses on the tools and metrics you need to accurately  measure, diagnose, and fine-tune your sales process to help you shorten your sales cycle.

To do this, the guide is broken into 3 sections:

  1. How to analyze your sales cycle by stage and rep
  2. What to do to avoid losing deals late in the sales process
  3. How you can qualify out bad opportunities early

By learning these 3 techniques, you will find it much easier to maintain an efficient sales process and ultimately shorten your sales cycle.