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I-Technology Recruitment Co. Ltd. is a recruiting firm headquartered in Hong Kong, with branches in Shanghai and Beijing. I-Tech helps multi-national companies to search, recruit and train top employees in Asia Pacific. With over nine years of recruitment and executive search experience, I-Tech aims to become the first choice for large companies looking to hire through qualified recruiters.

InsightSquared communicated with Pascal Caloc, Head of Business Operation at I-Technology Recruitment.

What was your data analysis like before InsightSquared?

We decided to embark on a new business strategy fairly recently. To support it, we decided that we needed to find a technological solution that would enable us to put the strategy in place. After we chose an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), we then knew we needed to make some crucial decisions and needed better visibility on our margins, who our profitable customers are, and on our open Job Orders. Before, we were relying on our intuition and Excel files. The integration of data coming from different sources was extremely painful.

I-Tech Job Order Dashboard

I-Tech Job Order Dashboard

How was your experience getting started with us?

After the first demo with your Sales team, I was already convinced.
After the first demo with your Sales team, I was already convinced and didn’t even consider looking any further. Because of your existing connection with [our ATS] you already had all the information required to build our dashboards with all the metrics most important to us. The deployment has been very smooth and very fast from the initial stage, and then with your professional team, we made the changes necessary to stick to our data environment.

How do you use InsightSquared on a daily basis?

The managers in charge of Delivery and I use the Activity Feed everyday in order to check the trend of our jobs and customers. In China, we have to because we are in a fast moving environment. Our company is growing quite fast as well, so having something like this in place is great for new employees. Each day, the Insight Feed lets me know the quality of the data, the number of customer submissions, and the activities of our organization (Sourcing, Team, Consultant, and Practice Managers). If I see anything odd, I can drill-down for more details. The new Insight Feed Dashboard is great. It allows me to have a summary of all the most important information in one user interface.

Demo Insight Feed

Demo Insight Feed

How has InsightSquared changed your business strategy or process?

I think your business model will definitely change the competitive landscape.
InsightSquared has had a huge influence on our organization, and it is a “must-use” in all Sales or Delivery meetings. Our employees know how to check on their metrics on a daily basis and know when and where to put their effort in order to reach their targets. And for Management, in only “one-click” we have great visibility on operations.

For a reasonable cost, we have a world class Business Intelligence System which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. We didn’t have to buy an “on-premise” solution with the related costs of hardware, management and hosting. I think your business model will definitely change the competitive landscape [in BI].

We think so too. Thanks for the great case study, Pascal!


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