InsightSquared Reveals the Key to Sales Management Excellence at Hubspot’s INBOUND

BOSTON, MA – September 1, 2015 –

Who: Steve McKenzie, Vice President of Sales, InsightSquared

What: “How to Run Your Sales Team Like a Data Scientist”

When: Wednesday, September 9 at 12:45 p.m.

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
415 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to B2B sales. And while these opinions are often valid and may prove to be correct, they’re still just opinions. Any idea that’s not backed up by solid data is an educated guess – not a fact. In this session, Steve McKenzie will discuss the importance of having an objective, metrics-based approach to sales management. Attendees will learn how to build consistent, data-driven sales processes, prioritize objective data over subjective opinions, and consistently integrate data into pipeline reviews and forecasting meetings in order to garner respect and trust as a sales leader.

As an expert with global experience in high-level sales roles at technology companies, Steve McKenzie understands the value of leveraging existing data to optimize sales management processes. Steve and the InsightSquared team are committed to providing sales teams with the analytical insights they need to succeed, and InsightSquared remains the go-to solution for identifying ways to improve sales performance.

About InsightSquared

InsightSquared, the top-rated sales analytics application, provides tens of thousands of sales leaders with the insights they need to drive performance and close hundreds or thousands of deals per year. Because InsightSquared provides a comprehensive set of reports within days, sales leaders have ready access to all the analysis they need to assess their progress, diagnose performance gaps, and formulate action and coaching plans. InsightSquared provides a single version of the truth for finance, sales and marketing teams, which enables companies to make better decisions. Visit for more information.