InsightSquared Launches “Connectors” to More Than 50 Data Sources

Integrations Enrich Sales Performance Analytics with Complementary Data from Marketing, Project Management, Finance, Support Applications

BOSTON, MA – October 6, 2015 – InsightSquared, the top-rated sales analytics company, today launched Connectors to multiple data sources. The company’s Connectors strategy deepens the revenue-driving insights it provides to sales leaders by augmenting sales performance analytics with key data from more than 50 different marketing, finance, project management, and customer support applications. InsightSquared Connectors help expose all factors impacting revenue, equipping fast-growing companies with the foresight needed to drive predictable, top-line results.

“It’s not necessarily the company with the most data that wins, but the company with the right data,” said InsightSquared CEO Fred Shilmover. “Ironically, this ‘most data mindset’ has led to a lack of differentiation among business intelligence vendors. But InsightSquared is doing something different. We are singularly focused on exposing the data needed to accelerate growth. Connectors help us achieve that objective by augmenting and hardening the insights supplied by our core sales performance analytics product.”

Combining sales performance analytics with data from other lines of business puts companies on the path to capture Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost, a ratio experts have dubbed “the ultimate SaaS metric.” It also helps sales leaders track other metrics favored by high-growth SaaS companies, such as Bookings to Sales & Marketing Spend.

A sampling of InsightSquared Connectors include:

· Act-On

· Braintree

· Campaign Monitor

· Chargify

· Constant Contact

· Eloqua

· Eventbrite

· Facebook (Pages and Ads)

· Google Analytics

· Google+

· HelpScout

· HubSpot


· LinkedIn

· MailChimp

· Marketo

· NetSuite

· Pardot

· Pivotal Tracker

· Recurly

· Sendgrid

· Stripe

· SurveyMonkey

· Synety

· Twitter

· UserVoice

· Wistia

· YouTube

“We recently signed up for the InsightSquared Connector to Recurly,” said Mark Kosoglow, Vice President of Sales at sales communication platform Outreach. “As usual, InsightSquared has taken a gaggle of data and visualized the key metrics that need to be monitored in a way so beautiful you want to stare at dashboards all day long. Luckily, there are so many actionable insights you feel compelled to get back to the grind.”

Jonathan Bunford, Head of Marketing Operations at EventMobi added, “The InsightSquared Connector to Google Analytics helps us understand the impact web traffic has on lead flow. We’re now able to visualize the buyer’s journey from first visit through closed business – all in one application.”

Connectors is free for InsightSquared customers until January 1, 2016, and custom Connectors are available upon request. For more information, please visit:

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