m7staffing logoM7 Staffing & Business Solutions is a full-service staffing company with experience managing a wide range of staff recruitment and mission-critical placement needs across various industries. Based in San Antonio, the M7 team brings over 100 years of experience in the staffing industry. We spoke with Marc Schlereth, Chief Accountant, about his experiences using InsightSquared.

What was it like before InsightSquared?

The reports we generated with our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) were flat. There were no graphs. You couldn’t tell who or what was included in the measurement. If the data was inaccurate, you couldn’t easily tell what or where the inaccuracy existed. People had to figure it out piece by piece, then share with the group, figure it out, share with the group, over and over.

Thanks to InsightSquared we now have the ability to not only track our performance but to also know that our measurements are accurate. The visualization is really helpful. You can see who gets the credit for a placement. You can see who’s missing a placement that was made, and actually figure out why it’s missing. Before, we couldn’t do that. The job is so big, to spend all that time trying to figure out what’s missing and what isn’t; it just wasn’t getting accomplished.

What feature does your team get the most use out of?

You guys help us understand what we’re measuring and what to measure in the first place.
Every day we get the nightly e-mail, and on Monday we receive the weekly e-mail, and we really dig into it. We sort out issues such as “I’m not getting credit!” “I sent more emails than that!” What I really love is that from the daily or weekly e-mails you can drill down into InsightSquared and obtain more insight into the data. Ninety times out of a hundred, you guys are right; the system works. You guys help us understand what we’re measuring and what to measure in the first place. Now people are seeing the numbers and asking questions like “how can I do better?” They are becoming stewards of their own data.

Nightly Emails - InsightSquared


How has InsightSquared change the culture at your business?

At first, there was resistance. But once they realized that it was nothing to be afraid of, that capturing our efforts as they occur is a good idea, people came on board. Now we have a much better idea as to what is possible and what isn’t both in terms of our daily activity and in terms of our annual budget.

InsightSquared holds people accountable.
InsightSquared holds people accountable and helps us understand from the employee dashboards “is that person working as hard or as smart as he/she should be?” Paying attention to the nightly and weekly e-mails has helped us move toward a culture of understanding the underlying company data. The understanding has not only been in terms of how we are doing but also how we are doing it.

Any final words?

What you guys are doing isn’t easy! I imagine every company uses their software a bit differently. From the very beginning when we were first considering your reporting package your team has helped us understand how and where we were capturing the data. Your company has been extremely responsive and helpful in designing your reports to fit how and where we are capturing the data. You guys have done a great job for us and we appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

We aim to please! Thanks Marc!


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