Pre-written sales operations job descriptions

Earlier this year we teamed up with LinkedIn to highlight the basic characteristics of professionals in three critical operations roles — sales, marketing and business operations.

Unlike other specialized professions that require advanced degrees or technology certifications, there is no “typical” career requirements, or career path, in operations. In fact, more operations professionals have no college degree than those with two- and four-year degrees, combined. Similarly, elite private schools may set you up for a career in, say, investment banking, but they’re overkill for ops pros. A public university degree is sufficient for a career in operations. Also, a microscopic percentage of ops pros have earned a professional certification, or, if they did, display the credential on their LinkedIn profiles. Clearly not a deal breaker for employers.

This is all great news for soon-to-be, or current operations professionals — not only are there countless paths to successful career in operations, but the position is also in demand, high demand. There are more than 73,000 current operations job openings worldwide!

So if you are hiring for a sales operations pro, you’ve got your work cut out for you. You are competing against lots of other hiring managers for elusive talent. “Selling” your role begins with a compelling job description. And that’s where we come in. We reviewed dozens of job descriptions for various levels of sales operations, and we’ve curated the best of each into a spec you can modify and post to your website, LinkedIn or any number of career portals. The themes we identified most often included:

  • Strong technical and problem solving skills, and analytical capabilities specifically within Microsoft Excel & SQL
  • Ability to comprehend, extract, and analyze information from various data sources for reporting
  • Project management skills including strong organization, attention to detail, and ability to coordinate and interact with cross-functional teams
  • Knowledge of visual analysis applications and sales intelligence software
  • Proficient in Salesforce administration
  • Influential negotiation skills

Download a pre-written, ready-to-post description for sales operations director, sales operations manager, sales operations analyst, and sales operations associate.