Finally, Objective Sales Benchmarks For the Staffing and Recruiting Industry

If you asked us at InsightSquared to tell you the one question we hear more often than any other when we speak with staffing and recruiting professionals, it’s this: What can you tell me about what my competitors are doing?

Everyone we speak with is frustrated by the lack of objective, actionable data about best practices for sales in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Am I making placements quickly enough to stay competitive? What is the best way to structure my sales and recruiting teams? How can I differentiate my service from my competitors? When recruiters try to answer these questions on their own, they quickly realize that there simply isn’t enough reliable data available to measure themselves against.

After hearing the same questions over and over again, we decided it was high time to roll up our sleeves and establish industry-wide benchmarks that show what the firms with the highest revenue growth are doing differently from all the rest.

To accomplish this goal, we analyzed data from over 100 staffing and recruiting firms, focusing on the three key metrics that would cast the most light on each firm’s sales process:

  • Win Rate
  • Time to Fill
  • Job Order Pipeline

Some of the results didn’t come as a surprise (for example, high-growth permanent placement firms are able to fill positions more quickly than their competitors).

However, other findings ran contrary to expectations. We didn’t expect the highest growth contract placement firms to work the fewest job orders per month, but that turns out to be the case.

Download the entire report now to find out how your firm stacks up to the rest of the industry, and finally learn the answer to the question: What do sales teams at firms with the highest year-over-year revenue growth do better than their competitors?