Sales Management Reports: 12 Questions You Must Ask as a Sales Manager

Are you asking the right questions to understand the health of your pipeline? Do you know how bookings trends compare to past months? Can you pinpoint how the company is forecasted to perform this quarter?

Your sales analytics will only be as strong as the questions you set out to answer. Is your team scraping the surface of your Salesforce data or getting an in-depth analysis of the drivers that matter most? Access isn’t everything: in order to capitalize on advanced sales management reports you must first know what problem you’re trying to solve.

Admittedly, it can be hard to know where to start but your sales performance questions should balance:

  • Sizing up the “now” of your sales cycle
  • Understanding the effectiveness of your efforts
  • Using legacy data to project future performance

Start by asking broad questions like:

  • What does our pipeline look like today?
  • How effective are my reps’ activities?
  • How are our bookings trending over time?

See what insights you find in your data. Once you know your broadest sales performance questions, you can start to build or leverage 3rd party sales management reports to further explore your Salesforce or CRM data.

Or learn from the pros: download the 12 MUST Ask Questions for Data-Driven Sales Managers and crack-the-code on what you need to ask your Salesforce data.

What questions are you asking your data? What sales management reports do you rely on the most? Leave a reply below.