InsightSquared recently spoke with Andrew Angus, the Founder and CEO of Switch Video, a marketing agency that provides video content for clients.  Switch Video is a self-funded and super-efficient company, with customers like HP, Facebook, LinkedIn, and IBM, but building sales reports in Salesforce had been a major issue and waste of time for Angus and his team.  “We used to build a lot of reports in Salesforce, but it’s not easy to do and the end result is not visually pleasing or intuitive,” said Angus.  “Salesforce doesn’t do forecasting or look at historical close rates for your reps or give you a real projection based on your historical data.”

Switch Video’s Challenge

Before InsightSquared, measuring sales efforts went like this: each sales person had a laminated piece of paper and they would use a dry erase marker to fill in pre-set bars that were drawn on the piece of paper.  These pre-set bars were targets of how much revenue they wanted to bring in per day.  “We were coloring in like kindergarten kids, using markers to track sales in a visual way,” said Angus.  “There was also a larger piece of paper for the whole company used to reflect the company goals.  This was a very old-school version of the Forecasting report that is in InsightSquared.”

Angus needed a SaaS product that his team could use instantly, with a quick ramp-up period, and no expensive IT specialist required to run the platform.   He began his search on the internet and found InsightSquared.  He had looked at other services, but did not try anything else because only InsightSquared delivered results in a matter of days and was the most affordable business analytics tool for Salesforce.  Switch Video spends money wisely on a few select tools that help the company hit their goals.  Angus uses Salesforce, HubSpot, and InsightSquared to do so.

How Switch Video Solved Sales Operations

Triumphs for Switch Video Since Implementing InsightSquared:

  • 4% increase in win-rate
  • Decrease sales cycle by 21 days
  • 46% increase in pipeline value
  • Capable of maintaining 100% ownership of his company
  • Able to run entire business with Salesforce, HubSpot, and InsightSquared

Accurate, Easy Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

With a small sales team, building and managing pipeline is very critical.  Switch Video has been using InsightSquared for 12 months, and it enables Angus to run sales from a single source. He credits InsightSquared with allowing him to run and maintain 100% ownership of his company.

Reducing Sales Cycle and Purging Bad Pipeline

Accurate forecasting is vital because Angus must predict how much business the team will close each month so he can spend money strategically.  “We need to be efficient about spending and grow on internally generated cash,” said Angus.

Angus uses several key reports in InsightSquared to manage his business.  Specifically, he uses the Pipeline Inflow/Outflow report to manage and build his pipeline.  With this report he can see pipeline changes as new opportunities are created, won, and lost and which open opportunities change in value over time.  He can get all of this information with just a few clicks, something he couldn’t find in any other analytics software.

Switch Video uses InsightSquared at all levels within the company, so everyone from the CEO to the sales reps log into InsightSquared every day.  Angus emails several reports to the team weekly, including individual Employee Dashboards, Forecasting, and Pipeline Inflow/Outflow to keep them on-task.  Since using InsightSquared, Switch Video has seen a 46% increase in their pipeline value, meaning more opportunities for the sales team to work, bigger deals to close and more money in the bank.

With all of this data easily accessible for Angus and the entire sales team, their sales cycle decreased from 30 days to 9 days so they can effectively close more business.  Switch Video has been successfully using InsightSquared to grow their business.  Company win-rates have increased by 4% year-over-year with InsightSquared as the sales reps become more efficient at winning new deals.

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