Building a powerful and successful sales team is all about hiring the right people from the start – especially business development reps. Today’s BDRs are tomorrows closers, and you need to cultivate entry-level talent on your sales team to ensure success in the present and future. The first step in hiring is to post a job description that will attract the most talented applicants in your area and industry.

Hiring is of course much more than posting a job online, but you have to write an intriguing BDR job description before you get to the screening and interviewing process. Here is a guide to creating a powerful job posting to find your next great business development hire.

Don’t Look for Tons of Experience

For most companies, a business development position is entry-level and requires only minimal experience. This means you’re looking for candidates that are eager to learn and driven to succeed, no matter their background. Great BDRs can be anything from English to Biochemistry majors. While an internship in a related field or a degree in business may be a perk, it doesn’t necessarily portend success in sales. You’re looking for very specific qualities that make great sales reps – things like coachability, intelligence, and a passion for learning. These qualities can be found in very different people, so don’t make your job description so specific that it disqualifies great candidates.

A Sample BDR Job Description

The Business Development Representative (BDR) is a sales training role that is tasked with growing the sales pipeline and getting the word out about our company. The BDR will be expected to take advantage of our extensive sales training program to hit immediate pipeline targets as well as prepare for and grow into a larger role.

The Ideal BDR:

  • Quick learner, highly inquisitive, and ambitious
  • Very goal-oriented
  • Bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to work
  • High acumen for and desire to learn sales
  • 0-2 years sales experience
  • Strong record of success in whatever you have done
  • Exceptional verbal and written communications skills


  • Finding new opportunities for business and working closely with Account Executives to close deals
  • Sourcing pipeline via direct outreach (phone and email) based on our prospect database and your own research
  • Helping grow the sales team and build a scalable, repeatable process
  • Completing sales training assignments and improving quickly
  • Adapting quickly to our fast-paced, dynamic organization

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Build a Sales Team

You should tweak the sample BDR job description above to better fit your specific business and goals, but it is a great base to start from. The introductory paragraph should also include more information about your company, what makes it great, and why it is a great opportunity for new sales reps. Whether your company is a small startup, a mid-size company, or a Fortune 500 corporation, you still need to convince applicants as to why they should apply in the first place. If you have great perks, a growing business, or a sterling reputation, don’t be afraid to toot your company’s horn. Part of a great job description is also selling your company to the candidate, so they will want to work at your company more than anywhere else.
Hiring is an ever-changing process for most companies, full of small tweaks that will help you build a better sales team. If you use this sample BDR job description as a starting point for building a hiring process, you will be able to source great candidates for the job.

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