What’s in Your Customer Service Dashboard?

No matter your role in customer service – whether you’re a VP, a manager, or a rep – checking your customer service dashboard on a daily basis will help you do your job better. By keeping close tabs on your performance, you can pinpoint weaknesses and find out opportunities for improvement.

But the screens in your customer service dashboard will vary by role. And the customer service metrics your team cares about will depend on the nature of your company.

What does a typical customer service dashboard look like for a VP, a manager, or a rep?

Let’s find out:

VP of Customer Service

This executive position involves thinking about the big picture and optimizing the customer experience. In order to continuously improve relationships with customers, VPs of Customer Service spend a lot of time digging through data. But what data do they look at on a daily basis in their customer service dashboard?

Backlog Inflow / Outflow

  • Is your team able to handle the influx of case submissions?
  • Or is it time to hire more reps to be more productive as a team?

Account Summary

  • Which customers might be unhappy or at-risk of churning?
  • Which accounts are too high-touch to serve profitably?

Submissions Over Time

  • Are our customers submitting more (or fewer) cases over time?
  • Do we have enough headcount to handle the workload?

Open Cases By Created Date

  • Are any of our large clients being ignored?
  • Which clients need more attention?

Customer Service Manager

A large part of this leadership role is training, coaching, and analyzing customer service reps. It’s important for customer service managers to understand which reps are overperforming so that they can identify what differentiates them from the rest, as well as who is underperforming in order to know where the areas for improvement are. The only way to truly gain a deep understanding of rep performance is through data analysis. So what metrics should customer service managers have in their dashboard?

Open Cases By Last Activity

  • Which reps have too many open cases?
  • How many cases haven’t been worked in over 3 days?

First Response Time By Employee

  • Which reps aren’t hitting our SLA?
  • Which reps have the fastest (or slowest) first response times?

Backlog By Employee

  • Which reps have the most open cases in their backlog?
  • Which reps need help managing their backlog?

Resolutions By Employee

  • Which reps are resolving the most (or fewest) cases?
  • Which reps are resolving cases the most efficiently?

Submissions By Time Period

  • When are your customers submitting the most (or fewest) cases?
  • Should you optimize your schedule to respond to customers faster?

Average Handle Time

  • Are we resolving cases more (or less) efficiently over time?
  • Should we be making an effort to resolve cases more quickly?

Customer Service Rep

The day-to-day of customer service reps primarily involves interacting with customers. But that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be tracking their progress and looking for ways to improve. By analyzing their individual performance data in customer service dashboards, reps can identify their weaknesses and discover opportunities for optimization. So what should a customer service rep’s dashboard look like?

Open Cases By Created Date

  • Which of your open cases have the highest (or lowest) account value?
  • Which open cases should you prioritize?

First Contact Resolution By Employee

  • What percent of cases do you resolve in just one touch?
  • Which reps are resolving cases more efficiently than you?

First Response Time By Employee

  • Are you hitting your SLA?
  • Should you be making an effort to respond to customers more quickly?

Time to Resolution By Employee

  • How long does it take you to resolve a case?
  • Are you resolving cases faster (or slower) than other reps?

Open Cases By Last Activity

  • Do you have too many open cases?
  • What was the last activity performed on your open cases?

Backlog By Employee

  • Are you closing enough cases to manage your backlog effectively?
  • Are you opening more cases than you can handle?

Resolutions By Custom Field

  • What types of cases are you best (or worst) at handling?
  • Which types of cases should you try to handle more efficiently?

Using dashboards to track key metrics will pay dividends not only for your customer service team, but your entire company.

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