Your Guide to Mastering the Quarterly Business Review

Another quarter is in the books, and if you’re like most Sales VPs, there were probably a handful of things (at least!) that you wish had gone differently. Maybe you didn’t hit your number. Maybe some of your tactics didn’t pan out as you’d hoped. Maybe your reps lost a larger percentage of the deals in their pipeline than you expected. Luckily, a new quarter is a new beginning — an opportunity to improve your process, update your strategy and set yourself up to crush your number in three months. However, you can only do this effectively if you look carefully at the last quarter’s results and discuss them with other key members of your company.

Luckily, there is a powerful tool in place that can help you analyze your last quarter and take the right steps to make the new one as successful as possible — the Quarterly Business Review. When carried out correctly, these meetings give Sales VPs the perfect opportunity to dissect their team’s quarterly results and share their plans and predictions for the upcoming quarter with executives and board members.

But note the key phrase there: carried out correctly. Simply holding a QBR does not guarantee that your next quarter will be an improvement over the last, or that the gains you made last quarter will carry over to the next. Instead, you must make your QBRs as potent and comprehensive as possible by following a few simple rules about what aspects to focus on and what metrics to include in your presentation. This way, you will be sure to provide a top-to-bottom account of your team’s performance during the quarter and you won’t be leaving the meeting’s other attendees with a thousand unanswered questions.

This isn’t easy, though. What slides should you include? Which metrics should you focus on. To help you answer these questions, we just released a new eBook about the essential tips and tricks to help Sales VPs get the most from their QBRs. “The Sales VP’s Success Guide to Quarterly Business Reviews” has everything you need to make your next QBR as strong as possible and will surely become a trusty side kick as you plan and execute your next meeting.

By reading this FREE 32-page eBook, you will learn:

  • The fundamental elements of any successful QBR

  • How to use the 5P Sales Management Framework — People, Planning, Process, Pipeline and Performance — to help you create the perfect QBR agenda

  • The essential slides you should share at every QBR