Accelerate Data-Driven Sales with InsightSquared's Sales Manager Coaching

Sales coaching is all about helping reps convert as many opportunities as possible into deals, by training them to handle difficult situations where they would lose prospects. Every sales manager needs to be a beacon for their team, ready to coach them through problems. Sales managers can be prepared to efficiently manage a sales team with the right sales coaching and training. If you want your sales managers to efficiently and effectively improve their game, Sales coaching is the answer.
While there are many different aspects that go into data-driven sales coaching some of the most essential sales coaching areas for sales managers are:

    • Rep activity conversions – A big part of sales coaching involves training, mentoring and leading a team of reps against activity goals
    • Managing the sales funnel – Sales managers understand that sales funnels must feature a strong funnel shape.
    • Won and Lost Percentage Understanding historic won and lost rates and the cycles informs managers whether they will hit their goal

Do you want to design and formalize to ensure your sales reps take the right actions at each stage? Are you strivings for ways to accomplish this? Let InsightSquared help.
InsightSquared offers top sales managers the relevant insights needed for data-driven one-on-ones. Our sales coaching for managers help:

    • Identify the Best Rep for Each Opportunity
    • Enables Reps Close More Deals
    • Empowers Reps Develop their Sales Toolkit

Ensure your company’s growth trajectory is pointing in the right direction. InsightSquared’s sales coaching for managers will help build a better sales team. Get our free eBook on data-driven sales coaching to begin.