Why Customer Service Confidence Matters

It can be argued that confidence is the most important personality trait for customer service reps.
If customer service reps lack confidence, then customers won’t trust them. If customers don’t trust them, their problems won’t get solved. If their problems don’t get solved, you will lose their business. And if you lose their business, your customer service reps will lose even more confidence.
It’s a vicious cycle. But it can be easily avoided.
The trick is to hire customer service reps who are confident in themselves. However, you don’t want to make the mistake of hiring arrogant reps.
Once you’ve hired confident reps, then you need to give them the tools they’ll need to succeed. Empower them by teaching them the optimal workflow. Equip them with the resources that are available to your team.
Provide feedback regularly. Give them a reason to be confident. Coach them as neccessary.
With the right approach, your reps will be confident as ever, and your customers will love it.
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