Must-Have Customer Service Rep Skills

As a customer service manager, a big part of your job is hiring customer service reps. But hiring the right people is hard.
When interviewing job applicants, you may not always know what to look for.
In customer service, there are some skills that can be taught after the hiring process. You shouldn’t hire one candidate over another just because one has a year of experience using Zendesk.
Instead, you should look for skills that can’t be taught. Here are three skills that you should look out for:
1. Foresight – The best customer service reps anticipate problems before they even arise. To evaluate for foresight, ask your candidates to complete a case study in-person. See if they consider possible issues that may arise in the case.
2. Thoughtful Tone – You can find out a lot about a candidate’s tone by interviewing them on the phone. Listen for nuances in the way they speak.
3. Funny Bone – Customer service is a stressful job. That’s why it’s important to have a sense of humor. You don’t want a customer service rep who takes everything too seriously.
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