Sending Emails to Customers

Writing emails to customers can be harder than it looks. You can’t talk to customers quite like how you talk to your friends and family. There’s a certain tone you need to maintain, given your role as a customer service rep.
Usually when you are sending emails to customers, it’s because they reached out to you via email about a specific problem they are experiencing. It’s your job to resolve their problem as efficiently as you can.
The best case scenario is that you can resolve their issue before replying to their initial email. This is known as a first contact resolution. By providing a resolution to a customer’s problem in a single touch, you are making them happy.
However, if a customer’s problem is going to take some time to resolve, you should email the customer to update them on your timeline. Thank them for letting you know about the issue they’re experiencing, and explain how you will work to resolve it.
In all of your emails with customers, make sure be thoughtful and considerate. Don’t use complex or inappropriate language that could confuse the customer. Maintain a positive tone, without being overenthusiastic.
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