Find Out How to Improve Your First Call Resolution Rate

Are you wondering how to improve First Call Resolution? There a few easy ways you can do so.
Before getting too far ahead, you should take the time to talk to your service team and decide what First Call Resolution means to your team.
Not all cases can be resolved in one touch, so the first step is identifying which types of cases are eligible for First Call Resolution. Some cases are better off measured by other metrics, such as time to resolution.
Next, you should consider factoring a time limit into the equation. For example, a case must be resolved in one touch and within an hour of the customer calling to count as a First Call Resolution.
You will also want to decide whether or not you want to count calls that are transferred multiple times as First Call Resolutions. You may want to limit how many times calls can be transferred before they can no longer be counted as First Call Resolutions.
After setting boundaries specific to your organization, you should make an effort to set your reps up for success. You can do this by refining your training programs or creating entirely new ones.
The last step in finding out how to improve First Call Resolution is to pinpoint your service team’s areas of weakness. You can do this by breaking down your First Call Resolution rate into segments, such as: by employee or by product area.
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