Effectively Managing Your Sales Pipeline With InsightSquared

Managing your sales pipeline can give you deep insights to manage your opportunities. It involves setting up the right number of stages along with well defined exit criteria to progress to the next stage.
To effectively manage you sales pipeline, you need full visibility into the current status, opportunities, risks and how to deal with them. Understanding the pipeline trends can provide a truly accurate sales forecasts for your teams. Furthermore, you can use this intelligence to identify market segments to perform better.
Improve Conversion Rates with InsightSquared
InsightSquared offers game changing business analytics to drive business success. Our sales pipeline analytics offers deep intelligence on:

    • Win rates by employee and by pipeline stage
    • Must-win opportunities and associated risk factors
    • Forecasted bookings vs. historic averages

InsightSquared allows you to compare performance in different segments of your sales funnel, improve transparency across your teams and spot churn risks early.
To manage sales pipeline efficiently with industry-leading trend analysis, start a free trial today.