Tips for Motivating Sales Teams to Reach Sales Targets

If you thought money was the only motivation for sales teams, think again. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that clarity of task was the top motivator for sales teams. The onus is on the sales manager to provide actionable insights on the sales activities that drive business and coach them how to complete them. Clearly, data is an important part of clarifying tasks. Get InsightSquared for getting business insights that help sales managers identify the key metrics and drive the team towards better performance.
With InsightSquared, you can discuss the performance of Reps with data-driven reports and use performance metrics to identify key areas of improvement. The three key areas of sales metrics that InsightSquared focuses on are activities, pipeline, and sales results.
Key sales metrics at a glance-

  • Activity Metrics – Provides data on number of sales activities, efficiency ratios, and comparison of activity results and activity goals
  • Pipeline Metrics – Helps in prioritizing the efforts of sales team by providing a clear picture of the pipeline
  • Sales Results Metrics – Enables you to assess the success of your sales strategy by comparing closed sales with goals and measuring the sales cycle and bookings

You can manage and motivate your sales teams by using the right metrics to assess their performance. Download our free eBook on how to coach your sales teams with data-driven metrics.