Efficiently Organize Sales Forecasts with the Data-Driven Approach

Sales forecasting is an organization’s most crucial tool for predicting future sales. However, building a reliable sales forecast is very complex. Are you spending hours creating spreadsheets, manipulating information to project your sales team’s performance or relying on traditional sales forecasting methods? If yes, it’s time for you to re-look at how best you can organize your sales forecast using data instead of gut feelings.
With InsightSquared you can organize your sales forecasts and build a data-driven sales process that will achieve better results. We can help you create a repeatable and accessible smart forecast that enables you to:

    • Use data to measure your sales process
    • Measure sales using opportunity stages
    • Utilize sales metrics such as calls, demos to easily analyze performance

InsightSquared gives you the tools to connect directly to your Salesforce.com or CRM data. It provides you the necessary business intelligence and visual insight into your sales team’s performance. Build a data-driven sales process and organize your sales forecasts to achieve better results. Get our free guide on how to build a data-driven sales forecast today.