Accurate Sales Forecast Prediction Improves Win Rates

Sales forecast prediction delivers insight into your company’s monthly, quarterly, and yearly performance. It focuses on providing answers to “What is going to happen to my business in the future?” and “Which opportunities should I actively pursue?”
By stringently qualifying the opportunities that enter your Sales Funnel, you can exclude the bad ones early and work on the strong ones. This helps to keep the pipeline trim, and filled with consistent and high-quality opportunities.
To create a sales forecast prediction analysis report, you need to take into account your historical conversion rates, which include:

  • Your team’s winning percentage on similar opportunities in the past
  • Current sales pipeline opportunities that can be converted into winsome deals
  • Average deal size and engagement

Such a data-driven report is more accurate than the one that relies on the intuition of your reps.How can you forecast using historical data and by weighing the opportunities currently in your pipeline? Get InsightSquared.
InsightSquared is your one-stop source for accurate sales forecast prediction. With timely notifications on new deals and events, you can drill-down to employee-by-employee weighted forecasts. You also get:

  • Activity Dashboard – Tracks employee performance against activity goals
  • Sales Forecasting – Uses employee data and stage-specific information to accurately forecast sales
  • Tagging and Filtering – Offers personalized filters to get insights on what matters to you most
  • Data Quality Dashboard – Helps you fix the data quality issues to derive accurate forecasts

For more information on creating your own sales forecast prediction, download our free guide on data-driven sales forecasting.