Efficient Sales Management for Small Business with InsightSquared

The Business Intelligence (BI) industry widely targets larger enterprises that work with massive sales forces. Small and medium-sized businesses can neither spend on costly BI systems, nor want to hire staff to run and curate it. However, they do need actionable insights, in-depth analysis and reporting. How do they identify their best lead sources?
InsightSquared is the #1 Salesforce Analytics product for small and midsize businesses (SMB). It enables sales management for small businesses by providing the much-needed intelligence to understand their financials, manage employees, and evaluate clients.
Using InsightSquared, you can:

  • Get Pipeline forecasting, lead generation and tracking, profitability analysis, and activity monitoring
  • Discover trends, strengths and weaknesses, wins and losses
  • Integrate with Salesforce for retrospective Pipeline trend analysis, rep performance analysis and more

Our SaaS platform does not require small businesses to procure expensive software and have dedicated headcount to manage it. We also offer marketing, financial, staffing, and support analysis. To learn more sales management, get our eBook on how to coach your team more effectively using the data-driven approach.