Get Complete Visibility into Sales Pipeline Status with InsightSquared

Effective analysis of your lead generation program requires complete visibility into the sales pipeline status. This visibility helps sales managers and VPs manage open opportunities and forecast better.
If you rely on static Excel sheets for sales pipeline development, you may never keep up. You need sales pipeline management software that enables comprehensive sales pipeline management. You need InsightSquared.
InsightSquared is a leading Salesforce Analytics product that can help you evaluate sales pipeline status and manage it more effectively. With our sales pipeline management software, you can quickly identify which opportunities are at risk and drill down to the cause.
InsightSquared is an effective pipeline management tool in the hands sales managers and VPs for gaining holistic understanding of the pipeline status and pull the right strategic levers. Our software can be deployed affordably within a day, without any integration costs. Maximize sales performance and close more deals with InsightSquared. Get in touch with us today to know more.