Writing Sorry Email to Customers to Admit a Mistake

Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Your business will upset a few customers here and there. That’s just inevitable.
When you make mistakes that cause customers to become frustrated, it’s important to own up to it and apologize to customers. One way to do this is by writing a sorry email to customers.
In the first sentence of your email, apologize to your customers. Say that you’re sorry.
Next, explain why the problem occurred, so that the customers can better understand the situation. Clue them in on what happened.
Avoid putting any blame on the customer. This would only make them even more upset. Make sure that you’re taking full responsibility for the mishap.
At the end of the email, apologize again. Reassure the customer that you’re doing everything in your power to resolve the situation. If you are doing something for the customer to make up for your mistake, now is your chance to tell them.
Oh, and don’t tell them that this will never happen again, because if it does, they will remember.
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