Gain Valuable Insights using the Sales Cycle

The sales cycle tells you the average number of days it takes your sales team to close a deal. It can vary depending on the organization, product or services. You can check out the duration the prospect is in each stage in the sales cycle.
The sales cycle helps you gain valuable insights about sales reps, clients, the opportunities, and the duration within each opportunity stage in the sales pipeline.
InsightSquared’s robust Monthly Sales Forecast report and Sales Cycle report helps remove opportunities that are not showing signs of converting. Using the sales cycle report, managers can identify the biggest opportunities to expedite growth. It also helps identify:

  • Current opportunities in the sales pipeline compared to the sales cycles of deals won in the past. The opportunity spent on a particular stage. Depending on the time an opportunity has been stuck in the pipeline you can gauge whether it is likely to convert or not

Our sales cycle automation leads to shorter sales cycle and an increase in bookings. You can identify the areas where you need to focus your sales efforts. To improve the quality of your sales cycle for faster lead-conversion ratio, get our free eBook on data-driven sales coaching.